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The manager roared at the two midwives, who seemed lost. “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

The first two midwives could barely talk.

“I’m so tired, boss.” The other two midwives collapsed before the boss.

The manager hurriedly got someone to check them, but they were only sleeping!

“Boss, it’s been half an hour.” Gu Bailu walked over with Ah Luo. “I believe I’ve won.”

“Well…” The manager seemed embarrassed. “What did you do?”

He was rather amused by his own question. What could a loser like her have done?

“Time’s up, and you still don’t know the answer, so I’ve won. Ah Luo, pack them up.”

Gu Bailu and Ah Luo went to the table and looted the bills and medicines that were on it.

The aristocrats were immediately enraged.

“Boss, what’s the meaning of this?”

The manager explained awkwardly, “The midwives of Ronghua Tower are useless.”

His eyes were gloomy. She couldn’t walk out of Ronghua Tower just like that, or they wouldn’t have any business in the future.

“Did we lose to a loser?”

“No, I won’t accept it. Never!”

“Get them back, now!”

Protecting Gu Bailu, Ah Luo kicked one of the guards. “Get lost! My lady won this! It can buy us a lot of meat.”

Meat was life for her.

4Ah Luo led the charge as she carried a bag of coins which didn’t hinder her movements at all.

However, there were too many people with too many guards in Ronghua Tower. Gu Bailu knew better than to fight them.

Hiding behind Ah Luo, she shouted, “Are you all sore losers? What’s the meaning of this?”

The manager waved his hand, and people kept surging forward. Nobody bothered to reason with her.

Gu Bailu pulled on Ah Luo’s sleeve. “Don’t fight. Let’s run.”

The two of them retreated as they fought. Gu Bailu noticed an empty room upstairs.

“Ah Luo, go up there.”

Holding her, Ah Luo leapt onto the second floor.

Gu Bailu rushed into the room and shut the door. She opened the window, only to discover blooming flowers outside.

It was a shame to destroy them, but she didn’t have any other choice in order to save her life.

“Let’s go.”

“My lady, Ah Luo is here for you. Don’t be scared.”

Gu Bailu was about to jump, when Ah Luo pulled her down.

They rolled on the flowers when they landed.

“Ah Luo, can you be a little more graceful? Also, jumping from that height isn’t a problem for me. What a shame that the flowers are ruined!”

“My lady, the flowers are so fragrant.”

Ah Luo was so happy that she didn’t hear what Gu Bailu said.

Fine. Asking her to be graceful was the same as asking her to be a vegetarian.

Gu Bailu looked at the window, only to discover that the manager had stopped at the window with his people.

She was baffled. Why had they abandoned the pursuit?

Also, the flowers were really fragrant. She took a breath, but her face changed.


The flowers were poisonous.

“Ah Luo, let’s go. Don’t smell them anymore. The flowers are fatal.” Gu Bailu dragged Ah Luo away.

“What’s wrong, my lady?” Ah Luo asked as they ran.

“I’ve been poisoned. Keep them away from me.”

Ah Luo immediately picked Gu Bailu up and leapt, and very soon, they disappeared.

1“Boss, you’re not chasing them?” Someone was unwilling to give up.

The manager smiled. “That won’t be necessary. The result of the bet is clear. You can ask General Gu later for whatever she took away.”

“What do you mean?”

“Those flowers are an ingredient for Semi-Soul Fragrance.”