249 My Foot Hurts

“I was wrong. I’ll try harder to give you a baby.” Feng Qingtian touched her abdomen regretfully.

If he hadn’t controlled himself before, Gu Bailu would be carrying his baby now.

Her attitude would be different in that case.

However, he hadn’t known how irreplaceable she was back then.

Right now, he could only make her pregnant as soon as possible so that he would become irreplaceable to her.

Gu Bailu was scared. Why was Feng Qingtian in such a rush to prove himself?

Who told you to work harder?

I don’t want to get pregnant at all!

Gu Bailu roared hysterically in her heart.

Gu Bailu stomped on the ground regretfully. She had to think of another plan.

Feng Qingtian touched her cheek and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My foot hurts.” She had lifted a stone, only to hit her own foot.

She almost wanted to beat Feng Qingtian up. Why was there such great birth control in this world?

Feng Qingtian took off her shoe and rubbed her ankle. “Which part hurts?”

“Everywhere. Something is seriously wrong with my body.” Gu Bailu lay in his arms weakly.

Feng Qingtian rubbed her feet sympathetically. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that you’re pregnant in ten days.”

Gu Bailu hurt even more. Ten days!

I have to fight it.

That wasn’t right. Didn’t he control his sperm to prevent her from getting pregnant before? Why had he changed his mind?

Were Nan Ningxin’s feelings no longer his concern?

“Forget it. The woman you love won’t be happy.”

“You’re the only woman I have. Don’t talk like that again.”

Feng Qingtian knew that she was referring to Nan Ningxin.

However, he only had obligations and debts, and no feelings, toward Nan Ningxin in this life.


Were he and Nan Ningxin fighting?

“But it won’t work. I feel disgust whenever you touch me. I don’t want my baby to be made without me knowing it.”

So, don’t do it stealthily while I’m asleep anymore.

Frowning, Feng Qingtian looked at the chief doctor. “Can you figure out the source of the problem?”

The doctor hesitated. “Let me take another look…”

Feng Qingtian might’ve ripped the doctor apart if he weren’t an old man.

He didn’t want anybody else to touch Gu Bailu.

“If you can’t, you’ll be fired,” Feng Qingtian said coldly.

Gu Bailu had already taken the needle out. This disguise hadn’t worked out anyway.

The doctor examined her again, only to see no signs of a pregnancy. “That’s odd. The indicators from earlier are all gone.”

“I just want to know if her body is fine.”

The chief doctor said confidently, “The princess is perfectly healthy, except for a slight nutrition deficiency.”

“You call that perfectly healthy?” Feng Qingtian glared at him.

The chief doctor was scared. “All women tend to lack certain nutrition. The princess’s case is not severe at all.”

“How should it be cured?”

The chief doctor explained the reason and the treatment carefully.

Feng Qingtian listened wholeheartedly, as if that was the reason for her nausea.