246 The Wang Family Won“t Back Off Easily

Gu Bailu shook her head. She didn’t know why, either.

She disliked Feng Qingtian, but to say she was disgusted was too much.

Besides, she had been entranced by Feng Qingtian’s appearance just now.

However, this wasn’t bad. She had the perfect excuse to keep Feng Qingtian at arm’s length.

The more unattainable something was, the more people would want it.

Gu Bailu smiled and closed her eyes in his arms. It was impossible for her to cultivate tonight anyway.

Carefree, she simply slept until the morning.

It was the first time that Prince Zi was sleeping with a woman in his arms, and yet he couldn’t touch her. How fulfilling.

After Gu Bailu fell asleep, he touched her sleep acupuncture point and pushed into her.

“Lulu, you’re mine…”

When Gu Bailu woke up the next day, her body felt sore all over, particularly her legs.

She found red bruises everywhere on her body when she got dressed in front of the mirror.

However muddle-headed she might be, she knew what had happened.

Feng Qingtian had done it while she was asleep…

She gritted her teeth. She couldn’t keep her guard up when she was asleep.

Besides, Feng Qingtian was too strong for her.

Gu Bailu examined herself. Her body was fine. As for her retching…


Could she pretend that she was pregnant? That way, Feng Qingtian would keep her away.

She was certain that he needed an heir.

She could fake a pregnancy pulse. After all, it wasn’t obvious in the first two months. Even the royal doctors might not be able to determine for sure if she was pregnant.

Gu Bailu made the decision gleefully.

The thief shouldn’t have taken her while she was sleeping!

Feng Qingtian was summoned to the royal study after the morning audience.

The emperor asked him solemnly, “Did you disrupt a wedding yesterday?”

“The bride was mine.” Feng Qingtian felt particularly great after enjoying the night.

Even the emperor was amazed at how gorgeous he was as a man.

However, he was also frighteningly ruthless.

“That doesn’t justify their deaths. We need the four families to balance each other out,” the emperor said gravely.

He wasn’t interested in Prince Zi’s love life.

However, he couldn’t leave it alone if it jeopardized the stability of the state.

His face unchanged, Feng Qingtian said, “The Wang family has a lot of people. I only killed the stupid ones.”

“The Wang family probably won’t back off easily.”

The Wang family was the second largest noble family in Southern Glory Empire. Who could be the next leader of the family?

The Wang family had many gold mines, and had more economic worth than the Murong family.

Feng Qingtian remained silent.

The emperor looked at him and sighed. “I know that it’s not easy for you now that you’ve found a woman who can continue your bloodline. Have a baby with her. It’s time that I retired.”

Feng Qingtian nodded and left the study.

Then, he went to the royal hospital to speak with the chief doctor.

The chief doctor was already familiar with him after treating his misogyny for years.

Feng Qingtian asked him outright, “Why would a woman throw up whenever I touch her?”

“How many times has it occurred?” The chief doctor frowned. Prince Zi had finally found a woman that his body didn’t reject. What was this new situation?