243 Alcoholic Feng Qingtian

Ye Huai freaked out. “Hey, don’t experiment with me just because you can’t take care of your woman! You’re going to lose a loyal subordinate!”

Feng Qingtian looked at him without a word, implying that it wasn’t a joke.

Ye Huai didn’t dare joke anymore. Several thousand women would definitely wear him out.

He still intended to keep his virginity for his future wife.

Thinking for a moment, he said, “Logically speaking, you’re handsome, powerful and strong, so all women should like you. Since she hates you so much, you must’ve done something terrible to her.”

Feng Qingtian thought carefully for a moment. He really didn’t think he had done anything outrageous. If anything, he had even defended her.

Gu Bailu hadn’t been hostile to him in the past. Her attitude seemed to have changed because of Nan Ningxin. After he saved Nan Ningxin, Gu Bailu even regarded him as an enemy.

“I struck her before,” said Feng Qingtian.

“How? Like today’s spanking?”

“I shattered her soul.”

Ye Huai jumped to his feet. “Say what? You almost killed her when you liked her? That’s a unique way of loving someone, Prince Zi!”

Nobody would accept that!

“I had to attack her in order to protect her.”

Ye Huai rubbed his forehead. “Then, you need to let her know why you did that. While she might not accept such kindness, she would at least stop hating you.”

“She’s too stubborn to listen.”

He could almost imagine the look on Gu Bailu’s face when he explained it to her.

“There has to be a way. Let’s drink.”

Close to midnight, Feng Qingtian suddenly sat up after getting drunk and falling asleep earlier.

“Prince Zi, what are you doing?” Ye Huai asked, half-drunk.

“I’m going back.” Feng Qingtian stumbled out of the study, and the guards helped support him back to the pink cottage.

Gu Bailu wasn’t asleep yet. She was still cultivating her Heavenly Eye.

If she could improve its level, she wouldn’t be scared of any hypocrisy.

She would be able to see the person behind Nan Ningxin and her parents’ souls.

In the middle of her cultivation, the door suddenly opened. Gu Bailu opened her eyes warily. “Who is it?”

She didn’t hear any reply, but only smelled alcohol. Then, someone hugged her tightly.

Sensing the familiar scent, Gu Bailu frowned. “How much did you drink? Go away. You stink.”

“Gu Bailu…” the man called out hoarsely.

Gu Bailu pushed him away. “Alcoholic, let go of me.”

“Gu Bailu, you’re mine… I’ll kill whoever dares to steal you!” The man hugged her tightly, his head on her nape.

He seemed to be trying to squeeze her into his body so that nobody could take her away.

“Who’s yours? We just have a contract.”

The only reason I’m not pushing you away is for sake of the Sky Splitting Mirror.

“Why are you so disobedient?” The man took off her pants, then spanked her. “Disobedience will be punished.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes in fury. “Real men don’t beat women.”

“I’m a man. Look at this… It’s still reacting.” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and placed it on a certain part of his body.

“Alright, you’re a man.” Gu Bailu tried to push him away. She felt complicated, holding the thing.

It was burning…