242 What Do You Like About Her?

Ye Huai had followed Feng Qingtian for many years. He had been his training partner when they were children.

Ye Huai knew Feng Qingtian too well.

The man was never concerned about anybody or anything.

He was never really concerned about his parents who cared for him.

Nan Ningxin was someone he occasionally cared about, but the effort was still little to none.

In Ye Huai’s eyes, Feng Qingtian was a heartless and coldblooded man.

But he was a natural-born leader, because he didn’t have any emotional weakness.

Ye Huai was happy to serve such a lord.

However, a woman had shown up out of nowhere and stolen all of Feng Qingtian’s attention.

He was willing to degrade himself for her.

Ye Huai was both happy and worried for him.

What kind of woman could’ve enchanted Feng Qingtian so quickly?

He couldn’t allow Feng Qingtian to be placed in any danger if the woman used evil tricks.

“There’s a familiar feeling, as if she was born to be mine.”

“Have you considered that it might be a trap?”

Prince Zi had more enemies than he could count.

Feng Qingtian said firmly, “No, she’s not that kind of person. If she is, I’ll step into it willingly.”

Ye Huai nearly choked. “Cough, cough. You truly appear to have been enchanted.”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “If I’m unwilling, who can really enchant me?”

He wasn’t wrong.

Qin Shou mentioned the curse on Prince Zi in the letter, but so what? He could still touch the woman he liked.

He couldn’t touch other women only because he didn’t really want to touch them.

“If you truly like her, just marry her. No women wants to sleep with you as a mistress,” Ye Huai said solemnly.

“You think I don’t want to?” Feng Qingtian said self-mockingly, “I’m disgusting to her. She regards me as the enemy.”

She didn’t care about his feelings at all.

He was only away for two days, and she had been about to marry someone else.

“Haha…” Ye Huai laughed unsympathetically.

He never dreamed that Prince Zi would be troubled by love someday.

He was truly happy to see Prince Zi being despised by someone.

“What is it that you like about her?” Ye Huai was truly curious.

“Her boldness.” Feng Qingtian didn’t hide it.

He liked how she dared to challenge the world when she was actually as weak as a chicken.

“Haha. Any chance that you like how she dislikes you?”

Feng Qingtian hurled a cup at him.

Ye Huai did his best to block the attack. Sweating, he said, “You are truly ruthless.”

“Help me figure out a way to get her.”

Ye Huai snorted. “The whole continent is scared of you. It’s more than easy for you to get her.”

“I don’t want to force her. I want her to be willing.”

Ye Huai scratched his head. “I know ten thousand ways to kill someone, but making a woman willing is beyond my abilities.”

Feng Qingtian looked at him coldly. “Then think. If you can’t, I’ll send several thousand women to you to try.”