241 You Have the Same Name as the Duck

The manager hurried to pack the duck on the table. Ye Huai grabbed it and said, “I’ll bring it to Princess Zi.”

He left laughing.

The manager was wondering if the duck should be named Prince Zi duck, when a bunch of people came in. “Manager, I want a Prince Zi duck.”

The people enjoying the show were all hungry. Naturally, they would like a taste of the new Prince Zi duck.

The restaurant was immediately full of people who ordered the Prince Zi duck.

The manager, making up his mind, changed the wine duck on the menu to Prince Zi duck.

Gu Bailu stared at Feng Qingtian the entire way in the carriage.

She was puzzled. The man acknowledged the duck as Prince Zi duck just to get her back.

Had he turned into a different person after the trip?

Feng Qingtian was also staring at her without talking. They seemed to be in a showdown where the first person to talk would lose.

Gu Bailu didn’t want to talk, while Feng Qingtian was simply considering how to deal with the woman, and whether or not marriage was optional.

Feng Qingtian sent her to the pink cottage after they reached their destination and said, “Since you insist on calling it Prince Zi duck, you will share the same name with it in the future.”

He looked rather victorious when he said that.

What did he mean?

A moment later, Ye Ying brought in a food box. “Princess, this is the Prince Zi duck you ordered. General Ye brought it back. It has been heated in the kitchen. Do you want to eat it now?”

Gu Bailu jumped to her feet. “I don’t want to eat it at all! What did you just call me?”

“Princess,” Ye Ying said casually.

“Who’s your princess? I’ll rip your tongue out if you say that again.”

“My lord told me to.”

Gu Bailu immediately realized that Feng Qingtian had asked other people to call her Princess Zi so that she would have the same name as the duck!

“Get lost! Call that Nan woman that! I don’t like being called Princess Zi at all!”

Gu Bailu drove her out and jumped into bed in agitation.

Feng Qingtian was truly childish, to get back at her in such a way.

When Ye Huai arrived at Feng Qingtian’s study, Feng Qingtian was drinking alone. He seemed to be in a better mood after seeing him.

The Ye family had been raising guards for Prince Zi’s house for generations.

Ye Huai had basically grown up together with him.

He was probably the only man who could speak freely to Feng Qingtian.

“Why are you drinking alone? Not in a good mood?” Ye Huai took off his helmet.

“Come and have a drink. Why are you suddenly back?”

Ye Huai had been sent to defend the country’s border. It had been years since he was back.

Something important must’ve happened.

“Let’s talk about it later. The most important thing right now is your woman. How does it feel to be with a woman?” Ye Huai leaned toward him in great interest.

Feng Qingtian glanced at him. “If you want to know, find a woman yourself.”

“Hehe. It’s difficult to find one that I like. Your woman seems rather disobedient. So, you like wild cats.”

Feng Qingtian’s face darkened. She wasn’t just disobedient; she completely ignored him.

“It seems that you haven’t nailed her yet.” Ye Huai smiled. “Women will be obedient when you sleep with them more. None of the women that my brothers captured were willing at the beginning, but with some jewelry and some hard lessons, they all behaved.”

Feng Qingtian sneered. “Don’t compare her with those women.”

Ye Huai chuckled. “You do seem to cherish her, but what about the one from the Murong family?”

“I already made it clear to her.”

Ye Huai frowned. “Do you really like this woman so much?”