240 A Voluntary Duck

The bystanders were finally enlightened.

So, that was why Prince Zi insisted that Miss Gu change her name.

Why didn’t he just outright say it, then?

“Prince Zi, you can just say it if you want to marry her. How can she understand you if you’re so cryptic?”

A tall man walked out of the crowd and made fun of him.

Everybody cleared the way for him.

Someone recognized him and said respectfully, “General Ye!”

“It’s General Ye!”

“Who else in Southern Glory Empire other than General Ye would dare make fun of Prince Zi?”

“Does Prince Zi really want to marry her?”

It was truly hard to accept.

Everybody could understand that he needed a woman to fulfill his biological needs.

But why did he have to marry her?

It wasn’t just any random woman who could be Prince Zi’s wife.

“General Ye was only teasing. How can Prince Zi really marry her? He’ll get over her soon.”

Gu Bailu saw a tall man in red and silver armor, who looked like a man of integrity.

Smiling, he observed her with great interest.

Gu Bailu glared at him and continued struggling. “I’m going to have Prince Zi duck! I won’t go back!”

Feng Qingtian launched a dazzling streak of light at the stranger. Ye Huai didn’t dodge, but hurriedly closed his eyes. “Alright, that was enough. I had to see what the future madam of the family looks like.”

Gu Bailu sniffed.

Although she didn’t know who he was, she knew that he was talking nonsense.

He certainly wasn’t worthy of his appearance.

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Go see your parents now that you’re back.”

Ye Huai smiled. He clearly wasn’t welcome here.

However, how could he not join in on the fun?

He had been away for years, and Prince Zi had gotten a woman after he returned.

But it seemed that there was little Prince Zi could do about the woman.

Most important of all, the woman wasn’t Nan Ningxin.

“The most important thing is to meet you, Prince Zi. I have something urgent to report.”

Feng Qingtian looked at the woman, who was still glaring at him. “Let’s go home first.”

“Not until I have my Prince Zi duck!” Gu Bailu sat in a chair.

Since you spanked me, I’ll eat you as a duck and make you even more famous.

Feng Qingtian looked at the manager. The manager shivered and said, “Should I pack the wine duck for you to take back?”

Gu Bailu put a piece of meat in her mouth and looked at him. “I want to eat Prince Zi duck. Why are you giving me this wine duck?”

The manager looked at Prince Zi with a bitter smile. Your woman is truly devious.

Feng Qingtian held her, and when Gu Bailu was about to struggle, he said, “Pack up the Prince Zi duck for her.”

The manager almost knelt down. Did the restaurant now have a duck named after Prince Zi?

The bystanders were all shocked.

Prince Zi had voluntarily turned into a duck…

Gu Bailu forgot to struggle and was carried out of the restaurant.

Feng Qingtian brought Gu Bailu to a carriage and left.

Ye Huai finally burst into laughter. “Manager, you should thank Princess Zi for giving your duck a name. Make me a hundred Prince Zi ducks and have them delivered to my house tomorrow. I want my brothers to have a taste of Prince Zi, too.”