239 You Should Be Called Princess Zi

“Who says that it can’t be changed?” Feng Qingtian took the chopsticks back and looked at her. “Think of a name for yourself. There’ll be no food until you figure it out.”

The gossiping crowd immediately burst into whispers.

“No food until the miss comes up with a name.”

“That’s a special punishment…”

“Then, what should her surname be?”

“Her grandmother’s, probably.”

Gu Zongxiong slapped the table. “Feng Qingtian, you’re being outrageous. Why do I have to change my last name because Gu Zongxiong is also surnamed Gu? Let him change his!”

She didn’t want to continue being associated with Gu Zongxiong, but Gu was her surname in her previous life.

She was also the last descendant of the Gu family.

She would be dishonoring her parents in her previous life if she were to change her surname.

“You really think that I won’t get physical?” Feng Qingtian grasped her and spanked her.

Gu Bailu was dumbfounded. The restaurant was surrounded by people who were watching the drama.

She blushed pitifully. If she were spanked, she would be too humiliated to walk out the door again.

Feng Qingtian felt that something was wrong. He lowered his head, only to discover that the girl was weeping silently as if she had been greatly wronged.

“I haven’t started yet, and you’re already crying.” He stopped helplessly and wiped her tears.

Gu Bailu finally burst into tears. “Feng Qingtian, I’m going to rescind the contract! You aren’t supposed to spank me!”

“I didn’t spank you. It was just gentle patting.”

He had been angry, but he controlled himself well and didn’t really hurt her.

“Can I gently pat you then?” Gu Bailu sobbed. “Can I spank you?”

She pulled at Feng Qingtian’s clothes and raged like a little tiger.

“Alright, stop crying. People are watching.” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and stood up with her.

He had better return now. If she went on crying, people would think that he was mean to her.

“How can you expect me not to cry when I’m hurt?”

Gu Bailu had been intimidated by Feng Qingtian on the way here, and didn’t dare challenge him.

Now that she was completely unleashed, she was as much of a rogue as before.

“Alright, I’ll let you do what you want after we get back.” Feng Qingtian held her and was about to walk out.

“I won’t! I want to finish Prince Zi duck!” Gu Bailu struggled in his arms.

Feng Qingtian’s face immediately darkened.

The manager was dumbfounded.

Were they fighting? Should he persuade them?

“Well, Miss Gu, it’s called wine duck…” he felt obliged to remind her, or Prince Zi might burn the restaurant to the ground if he was upset.

Feng Qingtian glanced at him. “Did you not hear me? She’ll use my name in the future.”

The manager stiffened again. Prince Zi’s name?

Feng was the name exclusive to the royal family of Southern Glory Empire.

“Well… Miss Feng…” The manager found it weird.

Finally, some of the bystanders couldn’t take it anymore. “Manager, how can you do business if you’re so stupid? What Miss Feng? You should call her Princess Zi.”