238 You Called Her Name Wrong

“I… I feel terrible. Cough, cough.” Gu Bailu coughed hard after being suffocated.

Feng Qingtian loosened his grip and patted her back gently. “You choked on that?”

She was too useless for another man.

However, she had the courage to challenge him. He really wanted to dig her heart out and see what it was made of.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. How could one not choke when one’s mouth and lips were all occupied?

Gu Bailu was also angry. She sulked in his arms.

It wasn’t like she could escape.

“Prince Zi, Miss Gu, this is our restaurant’s most famous specialty, the wine duck. We sell three thousand of them every year.”

The manager delivered the food with a smile.

Gu Bailu swallowed. She was truly hungry.

“It’s wrong,” Feng Qingtian said coldly.

The manager was stunned. What was wrong?

The name, or the sales?

Gu Bailu smiled at the manager and mocked, “Manager, your name for the dish is too lousy. If you name it Prince Zi duck[1], you’ll sell thirty thousand each year.”

The manager’s face twitched. Can you stop messing around, miss?

Who would dare to order the food if it was named Prince Zi duck?

He stole a glimpse at Prince Zi. The coldness in his eyes forced him to look away.

“Her surname isn’t Gu.” Feng Qingtian downed the alcohol.

The bystanders outside were all amazed by how gorgeous Prince Zi looked when he was drinking.

The manager, however, was in no mood to appreciate it, because he didn’t know what Prince Zi meant.

Gu Bailu looked at him. “Why didn’t I know that my last name has changed?”

“Gu Zongxiong doesn’t deserve it.” Feng Qingtian raised the duck meat to Gu Bailu’s lips. “Eat.”

Gu Bailu eyed him strangely. He was getting more and more abnormal.

But she opened her mouth obediently, partly because the man was dangerous and partly because she was truly hungry.

The bystanders were all drooling. They hadn’t had supper yet.

However, nobody was interested in returning home. It was funny that Prince Zi claimed that Miss Gu wasn’t surnamed Gu.

Then, what should her surname be?

In the spirit of gossip, the folk tried to hear every word that Prince Zi said.

At that moment, a child passed through the crowd to peddle his wares. “Buns and pies here!”

Although the prices were much more expensive than usual, they sold out surprisingly fast.

Gu Bailu chewed the duck meat. It was rather delicious.

“It’s true that Gu Zongxiong doesn’t deserve it. I should follow my mother’s surname.”

But what was her mother’s surname?

Gu Bailu frowned. She truly didn’t know her mother’s full name. Everybody in the house never called her by her full name.

The manager hesitated. “Your mother is also surnamed Gu, miss.”

Gu Bailu found it awkward. No wonder it had been such a breeze for Gu Zongxiong to enter the family.

His child would have the same surname as he did, in any case.

“In that case, there’s nothing to change.” Gu Bailu snatched the chopsticks from Feng Qingtian. “Prince Zi, let’s talk about it later, and have food first.”

[1] Duck in Chinese is an euphemism for male prostitutes.