237 An Announcement to the World

“If you dare sleep, I’ll kiss you.” A cold warning came from above.

Gu Bailu opened her eyes angrily. “It’s getting dark. Everybody is going home… erm…”

She turned around, only to be shocked. Why were there so many people behind them?

Although there were a lot of people, they followed the two of them in an orderly fashion.

Modern people should learn from them; nobody would need to worry about stampedes.

Did they not need to go home for dinner?

“What are they doing?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

Didn’t this mean that the whole city would know that she was Feng Qingtian’s woman?

She didn’t want to be labeled as such!

Not responding to her, Feng Qingtian brought her to a restaurant.

The restaurant was, naturally, empty.

Both the manager and the waiters had joined the parade.

One of the waiters shouted, “Manager, Prince Zi… has entered our restaurant!”

Faster than a rabbit, the manager ran into the restaurant and asked with a smile, “How may I can help you, Prince Zi?”

Feng Qingtian sat at a random table.

He put Gu Bailu on his lap without letting her go and replied casually, “Liquor, and food for her.”

“Of course, at once. They’ll be ready soon.”

The manager ran off quickly.

Gu Bailu struggled to sit up in Feng Qingtian’s arms, but Feng Qingtian held her tightly without letting her go.

“How can I have food like this?” Gu Bailu had enough of it.

Was the guy crazy? Not talking, not beating and not cursing – what did he want?

Feng Qingtian simply glanced at her and buried her in his arms again.

Infuriated, Gu Bailu knocked his chest with her head. “Fight me if you think you’re capable! Don’t play mysterious!”

Such silence was as intimidating as the calm before a storm.

She would rather he beat her up.

Feng Qingtian ignored her. At that moment, the manager delivered liquor, and Feng Qingtian began to drink it.

Gu Bailu was thirsty for the alcohol.

“Give me some.”

Feng Qingtian lowered his head and transferred the drink in his mouth into hers.

The fragrance of the liquor made Gu Bailu forget to push him away.

The liquor was good.

Feng Qingtian, however, kissed her more and more violently. Gu Bailu nearly choked on the liquid.

She pounded on his chest, indicating that she was running out of her breath.

The spicy liquor swirled in her throat.

However, Feng Qingtian didn’t let go of her, and instead held her even more tightly.

Was he going to smother her?

Gu Bailu tried to bite his lips, but Feng Qingtian suddenly let go of her.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Gu Bailu felt awful now that the liquor had gone up her nose.

Feng Qingtian, however, grabbed her chin and asked coldly, “Gu Bailu, what do I have to do to make you remember that I own you?”

She was bold enough to touch another man!

If he had been one step late, she would’ve touched Wang Dachong’s filthy thing.

Since she dared to rape him, there were few things she would be too scared to do.

He didn’t believe that she was interested in Wang Dachong. She was only doing it to piss him off.

It worked very well. He had never been more humiliated and uncomfortable.

However, he still didn’t know what to do with her.