236 Wandering the Streets With Gu Bailu

“No, I didn’t say anything.” Gu Bailu looked back. You can’t blame me for not trying to save you; the man’s too dreadful.

She feared that she would get herself killed if she said anything more.

Feng Qingtian looked like a lion licking its wounds; he would kill anyone who touched him.

Why was he wounded? Because he had to abandon the beauty?

Feng Qingtian held Gu Bailu as he left the house, and the crowd outside was still there.

Many children were laughing and asking for gifts. The Wang family had been particularly generous.

Feng Qingtian walked down the stairs proudly and coldly, scaring everyone around them.

Immediately, the atmosphere froze. Everybody fell to their knees.

“We’re honored to see you, Prince Zi.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at the candies and fruits, and blew them as well as the people around them dozens of meters away.

Gu Bailu felt obliged to say something, or the wounded beast would harm more innocent people.

Gu Bailu pulled on his sleeve and said in a low voice, “They’re only here for fun.”

“They hurt my eyes.” Feng Qingtian glanced at her, complicated feelings flashing in his eyes.

It was freezing cold, and Gu Bailu somehow felt that he was pitiful.

But he deserved it.

Gu Bailu sniffed. If he could travel with another woman, it was only fair that she be able to travel with a man.

Feng Qingtian held her and strolled through the most prosperous streets of the city.

They were crammed with people, but everybody stepped out of his way.

“Who’s Prince Zi holding?”

“It’s Miss Gu!”

“That loser?”

“What loser? She’s Prince Zi’s woman! You’re dead if someone from his house hears you.”

“Isn’t Miss Gu supposed to be married today? What’s this about?”

“Prince Zi disrupted it. I heard that he grabbed her in the wedding room.”

“Huh? Is that possible? Doesn’t Wang have a disease? Prince Zi is interested in such a woman?”

“She’s in his arms. You think he isn’t? The Wang family is probably going to be wiped out.”

Listening to all the whispers, Gu Bailu grew drowsy.

She wondered why Feng Qingtian was holding her as they toured the city.

Was it exercise? Or an evening walk?

Dusk at the end of autumn was quite cold.

However, everybody stopped whatever they were doing and followed behind Feng Qingtian and Gu Bailu, hoping to find out what Prince Zi was up to.

Feng Qingtian was handsome and had a majestic stride.

It was enjoyable enough just watching him walk.

For ordinary people, it was practically impossible to see Prince Zi on any other occasion.

All women, married or not, fantasized about how happy they would be if they were in his arms.

They envied the only woman who could approach Prince Zi and was acknowledged by him.

Gu Bailu, who was the center of attention, was sleepy since she hadn’t slept much last night. She simply closed her eyes, planning to take a nap.