235 You Can“t Bear Prince Zi“s Fury

Why were they going to die?

They had never wronged Prince Zi.

The head of the Wang family and his wife soon arrived. They were confused to see Prince Zi at first, but their faces changed when they saw the woman in his arms.

“Prince Zi, what brings you here?” Wang Xuanfeng, the head of the family, asked cautiously.

“Who gave you the courage to marry my woman?” Feng Qingtian said casually, but his words were most shocking.

My woman…

The wife that the Wang family just obtained was Prince Zi’s woman.

They knew that she could approach Prince Zi, but Prince Zi had never stated in public that she was his woman.

Nobody knew whether or not they had slept with each other.

Didn’t Prince Zi like Miss Nan Ningxin from the Murong family?

What exactly was this about?

Wang Xuanfeng glared at his concubine gloomily. “Look at what you did. Are you trying to get all of us killed?”

With a livid face, the concubine fell on her knees. “I didn’t know… I didn’t know that…”

Gu Bailu hesitated. “They even forced me to perform the ceremony, but I ran fast.”

Vent your fury on someone else. It’s not my business.

All of them knelt and begged for mercy.

“Wang Xuanfeng, do you find it hilarious that my woman was almost forced to marry someone else?” Feng Qingtian’s question scared Wang Xuanfeng so much that he couldn’t even beg for mercy.

Everybody in Pale Emperor City knew that Prince Zi was troubled by misogyny. The one woman he could sleep with had almost been stolen away.

Even if Pale Emperor City were to spare them, the people of Pale Emperor City would spit on them.

For the people of Pale Emperor City, Prince Zi was almost a god.

He was the only reason Southern Glory Empire was powerful and unchallenged.

All of them, including even the current emperor, hoped that Prince Zi could give birth to the next emperor of the country.

The Wang family, on the other hand, was competing with Prince Zi for his woman.

Feng Qingtian simply stood coldly, like an eagle looking at prey down below. It was truly intimidating.

The cries for mercy had stopped, but not the kowtowing. Nobody dared to stop.

Feng Qingtian simply stood in silence and stared at those before him.

There wasn’t any warmth in his eyes, as if he were a frozen corpse.

Nobody knew how long he was going to stand there. They didn’t dare ask how he wanted to deal with it, either.

It was so awfully quiet that nobody even dared to breathe out loud.

The night wind made Gu Bailu shiver with the cold. She rubbed her hands together and said to Feng Qingtian, “It’s cold. Let’s go back.”

Feng Qingtian finally seemed to come back to himself. He looked at her with complicated feelings.

How was he going to deal with this woman?

Holding Gu Bailu even more tightly, he left with a ruthless order: “Cut out the spirit roots of all the servants involved in this event. Kill their masters.”

Gu Bailu frowned. “You don’t need to be so brutal, Prince Zi.”

Feng Qingtian glanced coldly at her. “Am I too merciful? Kill both them and their families, then.”