234 You’re Going to Die

She sat up and stuck her silver needles into Wang Dachong all over.

Wang Dachong didn’t dare speak now that she was silent.

Whether or not she could really cure him, he was willing to let her try.

He thought that he had never seen such a beautiful girl.

However, he also knew very well that she didn’t want to be his wife.

She was here to make a deal.

“We don’t have much time. So, I have to resort to my least favorite treatment.”

Gu Bailu lifted the quilt and closed her eyes, before she stabbed Wang Dachong’s genitals on instinct.

Suddenly, her wrist was grabbed hard.

“Gu Bailu!” Her ears almost split at the deafening voice.

Gu Bailu slowly opened her eyes, and she saw the fury on Feng Qingtian’s stiff face.

“Are you done accompanying the beauty, Prince Zi?”

“How did you know?”

“Your fury cannot cover the stink of other women on you.”

Of course, Gu Bailu was making it up. Feng Qingtian couldn’t carry Nan Ningxin’s smell when he couldn’t touch her.

However, she knew that Nan Ningxin must’ve played a trick to distract him.

Otherwise, it was too coincidental that neither Feng Qingtian nor Gu Yunjing were around when Gu Bailu was getting married.

Nan Ningxin did have a lot of connections.

However, why couldn’t she keep him occupied a while longer? The wedding night wasn’t finished yet.

“Gu Bailu, don’t change the subject! What were you doing?” Feng Qingtian almost crushed Gu Bailu’s wrist although he couldn’t bear to do it.

His heart ached when he realized that her hand had almost touched another man’s private parts.

It was a miserable feeling.

“Are you ignoring the contract now that you’ve gotten what you want?”

The contract stated that she wasn’t to touch another man.

However, not only did she touch another man, she even wanted to marry him.

And it was such a wretched man!

Feng Qingtian was never more devastated.

“Of course not. I’m only treating Wang Dachong. As for the marriage, it’s not my fault. How can I refuse my parents’ arrangement?”

“I’ll tell you how.” He pulled her into his arms and plucked out her bridal hairpins, messed up her hair, and tore her wedding dress to shreds.

He took off his robe and covered her in it.

Gu Bailu wanted to struggle, but he simply glanced at her coldly. “You better stop challenging my boundaries, or I don’t know what I might do.”

Gu Bailu clenched her fists and turned her head.

She was scared!

She did think that Feng Qingtian would be mad at her disobedience, but she didn’t know that he could be so terrifying, to the point that she didn’t dare do anything.

She lowered her head, not wanting to look at Feng Qingtian at all.

Feng Qingtian held her and opened the door. The people outside were stunned. When did Prince Zi come?

When had he gone in?

They never saw him outside.

Why did he go in?

Gu Bailu raised her head and grinned at them. “You’re going to die. Haha.”

What did she mean?