233 A Bad Feeling

“Money… I don’t have any money.”

“The Wang family does. After you become the master, all the Wang family’s gold mines will be yours.”

“You… you want the entire Wang family?” Wang Dachong asked.

Gu Bailu’s eyes glittered. “That’s right. You’re indeed smart. I need a lot of money, and your family is the richest in Southern Glory Empire.”

Only if she had money could she hire other people and investigate the boss behind Nan Ningxin.

She needed her own force, and money was necessary for that.

Wang Dachong was smart. That was good.

As it happened, his disease wasn’t really tricky for a modern person like her.

“Can you really cure me?” Wang Dachong struggled to finish his sentence without pausing for breath.

Gu Bailu’s promise was a light in the darkness.

“Sure, except for the drugs that your mother gave you; fix that yourself.”

She certainly wouldn’t be someone else’s antidote.

Gu Bailu took out her needles and worked on him for almost an hour before she stopped.

“One procedure a day, and you’ll be fine in three days, but I’m afraid that we don’t have enough time.”

Wang Dachong regained enough strength to open his eyes. He saw that Gu Bailu was really pretty.

“Why don’t we have enough time?”

“Well, somebody will probably kill me before he lets me stay here.”

Therefore, she had to solve Wang Dachong’s problem by tonight.

“Who… who are you talking about?”

“A beast.” Gu Bailu sat down. “Let me get some rest. I’ll continue in a couple of hours. Let’s hope that the beast is still distracted by the beauty.”

Gu Bailu closed her eyes in the chair.

In the Manor of the Herb King, a shadow broke into the splendid palace.

“My lord! I have urgent business to report!”

Feng Qingtian was painting Gu Bailu, and remembering how hateful she was, he added an additional stroke to her face. He was having a lot of fun before he heard the news. “What is it?”

He would probably be back tomorrow. He was relieved by the thought.

“Miss… Miss Gu is getting married today,” the man reported fearfully.

Feng Qingtian’s brush fell on the table. He asked gloomily, “Tell me again. How is Gu Bailu?”

“Miss Gu is marrying into the Wang family. The ceremony… is probably over.”

The desk before Feng Qingtian was smashed into pieces, and he disappeared like a tornado.

The man in black kept his head lowered at the air that lingered.

Their lord had asked them to protect Miss Gu, but didn’t say that Miss Gu couldn’t go out in a sedan chair.

It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t report it sooner.

Who could’ve known that Miss Gu would be willing to marry the guy after finding out about his disease?

Could they keep their heads?

The man was full of despair.

Gu Bailu opened her eyes. Just now, a tornado appeared in the pink peach blossom world and destroyed the blossoms.

She had a bad feeling.