232 Let“s Make a Deal

Gu Bailu rolled around in boredom and remembered the noble prince, Miyasi.

Was the beast still on Futu Island?

Their master hadn’t thrown him into outer space, had he?

Before she could figure it out, she had been delivered to the Wang family.

Gu Bailu looked out. It was indeed a big house.

The buildings were magnificent, indicating their wealth.

Why were there two gold lions at the gate? To be stolen?

The matchmaker helped her out and led her into the house.

Since her husband was dying, he naturally couldn’t come to perform the marriage ceremony.

Gu Bailu waved her hand. “Then, we’ll cancel it. I certainly can’t escape.”

Gu Bailu took off her bridal veil and ran to the wedding room.

The rest of them were all dumbfounded. “The ritual can’t be skipped!”

Gu Bailu ran into the room and locked the door from inside.

Everything in the room was red. A huge lump of meat was lying on the bed.

Gu Bailu walked over and kicked the meat. “Hey, say something if you’re alive. Don’t you want to take a look at your wife?”

Wang Dachong was too weak to talk anymore. He slowly opened his eyes, only to see a blurry red shadow.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You’re terribly sick. Your mother is awful.”

Gu Bailu saw gold light around Wang Dachong. Although feeble, it meant that the person had done good things in the past.

Only those who were kind and had integrity would have a gold aura.

“Do… do not speak ill of my mother. She’s a good person. You… you’re my wife?” Wang Dachong managed to ask.

He couldn’t move at all.

“She’s a good person? Would a good person feed her son such drugs when he can’t move?”

Gu Bailu was shocked as she approached him. How much food had the guy eaten to become so morbidly fat?

He was almost like a hot air balloon, lying there!

Gu Bailu tried to find his hand, and grabbed his wrist, which was as thick as an elephant leg. After examining him, she said, “He’s truly a victim of family strife.”

“What… what are you doing?” Wang Dachong wasn’t interested in a wife, not in his current condition.

However, his wife seemed different.

She wasn’t scared of his disease, and even touched him.

Even his mother didn’t dare touch him.

Having not been touched for a long time, Wang Dachong shed tears from eyes that could barely open.

“Why are you crying? You won’t die since you did a lot of good things in your previous life.”

Anybody else would’ve been long dead.

“I… I would rather be dead.” Wang Dachong breathed heavily, remembering how he had been appreciated for his talent in the past, until he contracted such a disease.

“I’ll despise you if you keep talking like that. You reached the level of Master despite being cooped up in bed. I thought you were something.”

Wang Dachong stopped talking and tried to open his eyes to see what the girl with such a pleasant voice looked like.

She didn’t scorn him, and was even soothing him.

Looking at his round face in great interest, Gu Bailu said, “Hey, let’s make a deal. I’ll cure you, and you’ll give me money in return.”