231 Men Are Unreliable

It was a shame that her Heavenly Eye was at too low a level for her to see through Ye Yunshu.

The Heavenly Eye could be divided into five levels. She was now only at the first level, where she could see the color of one’s aura but couldn’t see through them.

Whatever one thought and did was in fact stored in the brain, and the Heavenly Eye could see them when it was at a higher level.

The people of the Wang family came early with a huge team. Everybody knew that the garbage of the Gu family was to marry the young heir of the Wang family.

“Why is it so sudden? There wasn’t any news about this marriage.”

“Didn’t she go to Cloud Mirror Academy? Why is she getting married all of a sudden?”

“I heard that she was expelled by Cloud Mirror Academy.”

“She should’ve known better.”

“Why is this garbage marrying such a great person? I heard that her husband is a Master.”

“Don’t you know that her husband has syphilis? He’s dying.”


Sitting inside the sedan chair, Gu Bailu could clearly hear their whispers.

Yawning, she lay down.

Feng Qingtian wasn’t here. Nobody was going to interrupt the wedding. How boring.

Where were the men who liked her and wanted to marry her?

None of them could be trusted at the critical moment.

Gu Yunjing sneezed as he walked into the secret land of Heavenly Palace Cliff. The place was cold, even for him, but it was his father’s favorite resort.

His father had barely left the place in the past 150 years.

“Dad, you’re looking for me?” Gu Yunjing stopped before an egg and asked.

“Are you marrying a woman who doesn’t have a spirit root?” A voice which sounded like it was coming from outer space rang out.

“Yes,” Gu Yunjing replied. Somebody was apparently bold enough to report it here.

“Whatever you used to be, you’re my son and the young master of the Imperial Residence. You can’t be willful. Drop it.”

“I can listen to you about everything else except this.”

“You’re not what you used to be. If you won’t listen, someone else can be the leader of the Imperial Residence.”

Gu Yunjing smiled at the egg. “I won’t change my mind, even if you kill me. Don’t summon me for such boring stuff next time.”

He was losing sleep, since he missed Gu Bailu.

The Nether King had suddenly withdrawn the pursuers. Gu Yunjing had no idea what was going on with Gu Bailu.

“Are you really going to be so stubborn?”

Gu Yunjing grew cold. “If you do anything to harm her, don’t blame me for ignoring our bond of the past 150 years.”

“Who is she that she deserves such attention from you?”

“You don’t need to know. All you need to know is that I became your son because of her.”

Gu Yunjing left the cave.

He sneezed again at the entrance.

Could it be it wasn’t because of the cold, but that somebody was cursing him?

He raised his eyebrows in delight. It had to be Gu Bailu.

“Gu Yunjing claims that he likes me and even caught a dragon for me, but he isn’t here to save me from this marriage. Men are truly unreliable!”