230 Where“s My Dowry?

Gu Bailu touched the mark and felt it was familiar, as if the mark belonged to her.

“Is there a problem? It looks beautiful,” Gu Bailu said unconcernedly.

The startled maid didn’t dare say anything.

The lady had said that they mustn’t be delayed.

However, the miss was really pretty with the petal mark.

They had never found the miss beautiful before.

Ruthlessness flashed in Ye Yunshu’s eyes. Gu Bailu was indeed a disaster. Ever since her return, she had transformed into a different person.

What happened to her when she was out? Did she learn any evil arts?

Thankfully, she was going to be taken care of once and for all today.

“Make sure that the miss looks gorgeous for her husband.”

Gu Bailu glanced at her. “For those who don’t know, they might think that you work in a brothel… Why has your nature remained utterly unchanged after so many years?”

Ye Yunshu was pale with fury, but she held it back and smiled. “What are you talking about? I just want you to be wed beautifully.”

Gu Bailu chuckled and looked at her, simply allowing the maids to comb her hair.

Ye Yunshu felt frozen under her fake smile.

“Why are you looking at me?” Ye Yunshu truly wanted to rip her face apart.

“I only want to ask you something: After pretending for so many years, you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve treated me nicely, haven’t you?” asked Gu Bailu calmly.

Her face changing slightly, Ye Yunshu managed a smile. “Has someone been lying to you, Lulu? Why are you talking like this?”

“If you’re treating me nicely, where is the dowry that my mother left me?”

“Dowry? Your mother didn’t leave any dowry.” Ye Yunshu was dumbfounded. Gu Bailu’s mother hadn’t left her a dowry.

Ye Yunshu would’ve taken it if there had been one.

Gu Bailu knocked the maid’s hand away and stood up. “How can there be no dowry? My grandfather only had one daughter. All his possessions belonged to my mother. Why do I have no dowry?”

Ye Yunshu’s eyes grew cold. That was what she was making a scene over.

“They all belong to the general now. As his daughter, you’ll own most of them. We’ve prepared a dowry for you. Just let the maid comb your hair. The Wang family is much richer. You’ll have a lot of money to use in the future.”

Ye Yunshu coaxed her.

“How much of a dowry have you prepared for me?” Gu Bailu asked in delight.

“Twenty-four boxes.” Ye Yunshu gloated.

Twenty-four boxes of rough cloth should be enough for your funeral.

If Miss Murong hadn’t insisted that Gu Bailu had to sleep with the fatty, Ye Yunshu would’ve killed Gu Bailu right away.

However, it was indeed more gratifying for her to die of a filthy disease.

With her Heavenly Eye, Gu Bailu could tell what was on Ye Yunshu’s mind from the malicious aura around her.

The dowry of twenty-four boxes couldn’t be anything good.

She would find out why they were in such a hurry to marry her off.

There were plenty of ways to kill her. Why had they chosen marriage?