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Ronghua Tower was a perverse place. To be more exact, it was a perverse casino.

All kinds of games were played in this place.

For example, some people might bet on whether or not you dared to eat s*it.

Gu Bailu assumed that they gambled to stimulate themselves because the cultivation of spiritual power was too boring.

Although it was a perverse place, the decor was rather refreshing. On a square table in the center lay some jewelry and marvelous pills.

When Gu Bailu walked in, they were betting on how many women a white-robed guy had slept with the night before.

Gu Bailu felt rather awkward.

The white-robed guy, on the other hand, wasn’t embarrassed at all, but looked rather proud.

“Found your brother?” she asked the ghost.

“He’s the guy being bet on.”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “No wonder you couldn’t rest after you died.”

“My brother is just playful. He’s actually a good guy.”

“Good at sex, probably.”

1As Gu Bailu and the ghost chatted, the result came out: The ghost’s brother had asked for eight women last night, but didn’t sleep with any of them.

1The losers cursed his impotence and regretted betting on him, claiming that he wasn’t a man at all.

Murong Huangtang chuckled. “Prince Zi never touches women. Why don’t you curse him for not being a man?”

Everybody finally stopped. However unmanly Prince Zi was, nobody dared say that he wasn’t a man, unless they wanted to get themselves killed.

Gu Bailu squeezed through the crowd and said to Murong Huangtang, “Follow me if you want to know what happened to your sister.”

Murong Huangtang stopped collecting his prize and smiled. “You want to trick me because I won money?”

“Your sister eloped with someone. Don’t you want to know where she is?”

Murong Huangtang turned grave. “If you want money, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush.”

“To be honest, your sister didn’t elope with anyone; she was murdered. I’ll lead you to her body.”

Murong Huangtang looked at her suspiciously. “Who are you?”

“Gu Bailu.”

“I don’t know you. Get out of here. Do you think I’m a three-year-old?” Murong Huangtang waved his hands, driving her off.

“Brother Murong, she’s the most famous loser in Pale Emperor City who doesn’t have the slightest bit of spiritual power,” a fatty leaned over and said.

Murong Huangtang scoffed. “Even such a loser wants to swindle me. Teach her the rules of Ronghua Tower.”

Gu Bailu secretly cried. The ghost’s brother was just a scoundrel.

“You say that he’s a good guy? He’s a jerk! You set me up!”

The ghost said rather awkwardly, “Like I said, he’s just playful.”

“Hey, when you come to Ronghua Tower, you have to follow its rules. Everybody here plays the game,” the fatty said maliciously.

The men who were gambling heatedly approached and stared at Gu Bailu as if she were meat on a chopping block.

“I’m told that she went missing with someone for a couple of months. Let’s bet on whether or not she’s still a virgin, shall we?” somebody proposed.

“That’s great. I bet ten thousand that she isn’t a virgin!” somebody rich shouted.

“I’ll also bet ten thousand.”

“Five thousand here.”