229 She Stole His Territory

Gu Bailu jumped in delight and returned to the mountain in reality.

She closed her eyes and saw the peach blossom space again. Not far away, a pure white fox darted away.

Opening her eyes, she smiled and ran toward the fox.

“Stop there! You can’t escape!” Gu Bailu quickly gave chase, holding a rune.

Very soon, she found the pure white fox up ahead.

A fox that she could see with the Heavenly Eye couldn’t be a common creature.

Gu Bailu cast the rune as she ran. The fox was too inexperienced to dodge it. It froze, and gradually transformed into a human.

Gu Bailu walked over, only to find a naked person.

The fair skin, the long hair, and the fascinating waist.

Unable to tell its gender, Gu Bailu demanded, “Are you still running, little demon?”

“I… I’m a demon, but I haven’t harmed anyone. Why did you catch me?” the fox demon said pitifully in a male voice.

“That’s not my fault. You came to me when I was cultivating the Heavenly Eye.”

How could she not catch a demon when she saw one?

“I cultivate here every day.” The fox demon felt wronged. This place was previously his territory.

Gu Bailu coughed. She wasn’t an unreasonable woman. It seemed that she had taken his turf.

“Why are you not wearing any clothes?”

“I’ve just developed the human form. I’ve never lived among humans before.”

So, he had never hurt any human being before.

She didn’t know how to deal with such a demon. Most demons would absorb energy from human beings for their cultivation, but some of them weren’t bad.

Gu Bailu canceled her rune, and the fox demon could move now.

He was about to sit up, when Gu Bailu shouted, “Don’t move! Switch to your original form!”

She feared that she wouldn’t be able to control herself before a naked man.

Not daring to disobey her, the fox demon turned back into the little fox.

Gu Bailu picked him up. “I’ll show you around among humans. Also, you’ll run an errand for me to right evil.”

The fox demon was stunned when he looked at her. The human girl was so beautiful.

Gu Bailu had a great complexion and a cute nose under the moonlight. The peach blossom mark between her eyes made her even more like a goddess.

Gu Bailu had no idea that the fox demon took her for a goddess. She brought the fox back to the Gu house.

She had men’s clothes in her room, which Feng Qingtian had asked her to buy earlier.

Tossing the robe to the fox demon, Gu Bailu went to sleep.

She was to be married today. She better make sure that she was full of energy.

Soon after Gu Bailu fell asleep, Ye Yunshu woke her up with a bunch of maids.

“Lulu, it’ll be the propitious hour soon. Why are you still not dressed? Thankfully, I prepared the things for you.” Ye Yunshu acted like a caring mother.

How brazen. Gu Bailu glanced at her and simply allowed them to put makeup on her face.

“Huh, why do you have a peach blossom mark here, my lady?” a maid exclaimed.

Gu Bailu looked at the mirror. There was indeed a tiny pink mark. It was shallow and small, but still eye-catching.

Was it the petal that fell on her head when she opened her Heavenly Eye?