228 The Heavenly Eye Is Finally Opened

Ye Yunshu climbed on him. “My lord, wasn’t it exciting how we did it in the closet? You did it many times…”

“I like how slutty you are.”

Back when his wife was pregnant, he accidentally saw Ye Yunshu changing clothes behind the screen.

Attracted by her body and seeing that she wasn’t unwilling, he did it with her.

However, his wife came in at that moment. Ye Yunshu simply pulled him into a nearby closet. His wife slept a lot as a pregnant woman. They did it inside the closet whenever she was napping on the bed.

Just remembering it made him feel like a man again.

Gu Bailu actually wasn’t far away. She had intended to eavesdrop on their tricks, and didn’t expect to hear such shameless talk.

She was so angry that she almost wanted to kill them.

They must have become more and more blatant until her mother discovered it and washurt.

No wonder Gu Wanqin seduced the second prince shamelessly. She was exactly like her mother.

They didn’t deserve easy deaths.

Gu Bailu checked the rat hole in her room, and the box was already gone.

Ye Yunshu must’ve taken it.

Before Gu Bailu went out, she intentionally complained that there were rats in her room, and told the servants to clear them out.

They certainly wouldn’t dare steal the box, and must’ve reported it to Ye Yunshu.

However, seeing how angry Gu Zongxiong was, he probably didn’t know that Ye Yunshu had the treasure map.

Gu Bailu lay on the bed for a while until it was deeper into the night.

She jumped out of the house and left for the mountains outside the city.

She had to activate the Heavenly Eye right now.

It was a great night, with a bright moon and perfect natural spiritual energy.

Gu Bailu sat in the grass and meditated, clearing her mind of all irrelevant thoughts.

The Heavenly Eye was a third eye that human beings were born with, except that ordinary people couldn’t open it.

Gu Bailu had never opened it because she resisted learning her family arts in the past and never worked hard.

However, her master said that the cultivation of such arts depended on aptitude and fate.

She didn’t know what her fate was, but she knew that she had learned most of the arts easily.

Not thinking about anything else, Gu Bailu saw the colorful light again. She followed it tirelessly.

After walking for who knew how long, she suddenly saw pink peach blossoms falling from the sky.

It was a pink world, with glamorous petals that littered the ground and fluttered in the sky.

Gu Bailu couldn’t feel more comfortable and excited at the fragrance.

She rolled around on the petals happily.

One petal fell on her forehead. Gu Bailu stiffened, feeling like it had burned her, but the sensation didn’t last long. Very soon, it was as comfortable as a hot spring.

Her body relaxed, and her eyes glowed brighter, allowing her to see colorful bubbles.

The energy aura…

She could see the energy aura now, which was the color of the human field.

Her Heavenly Eye was open!