225 She“s Going to Destroy Her!

Nan Ningxin sobbed and collapsed as if she had lost her soul. “I don’t accept it. I won’t admit it. You love me. You swore that you would love me for all eternity. Do you know the consequences of breaking your vow?”

Feng Qingtian shook his head. “I remember little of my past. Whatever the consequences are, I will bear them, because it has already happened.”

He couldn’t free himself from Gu Bailu anymore.

“Do you really like Gu Bailu so much that you would give up everything for her?”

Nan Ningxin looked at him, tears on her pale yet pretty face. Her body was trembling.

Feng Qingtian felt awful, too. He had searched for his past love over eight lives, and finally found her in the ninth one, but he had somehow stopped loving her.

He had hurt her as deeply as he had loved her in the past.

He was sorry for her, but he had to face the fact that his heart had changed.

“I know that it’s my fault. Whatever requirements you have, I’m willing to fulfill them.”

Compensation was the only thing he could give her now.

“Whatever requirements… what if I asked you to marry me?”

Feng Qingtian frowned unwillingly.

But he still nodded. “I can, but it will only be in name. If you and Gu Bailu are both in danger, I won’t be able to help myself and rescue her. I have to make that clear.”

Nan Ningxin smiled miserably. “I might as well die.”

Feng Qingtian looked out the window gloomily. “If you’re going to die, I can accompany you in the next life, but only after I’ve fulfilled my deal with Gu Bailu. Also, I can’t promise that I’ll forget Gu Bailu in the next life.”

He had no idea why he had lost feelings for Nan Ningxin, but he was certain that he would remember Gu Bailu in the next life.

It was such a strong feeling, which forced him to admit his change of heart.

Nan Ningxin had waited for him for nine lives, but his heart had changed. He was willing to compensate with his life, but he had to make sure that he settled Gu Bailu’s matter first.

Nan Ningxin craved Feng Qingtian as much as she loathed Gu Bailu.

She couldn’t die. She wouldn’t have a next life if she died, and the Night Lotus would no longer belong to her.

After tomorrow night, Gu Bailu would be someone else’s bride.

By then, Feng Qingtian wouldn’t be as into her as he was now.

All this was because he could touch her body.

She was going to destroy her!

“How can I let you die for me?” Nan Ningxin smiled miserably. “You’re merciless toward me, but I can’t be the same toward you.”

She stood up, shaking, before she combed out her messy hair.

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists. He wished she would curse him or even stab him.

She had said before that she would make him suffer if his heart changed.

Such weakness didn’t befit her.

“Ningxin…” He didn’t know what to say to such a Nan Ningxin.

Nan Ningxin ignored him. She struggled forward, but when she tried to step over the threshold, she suddenly fell.

The back of her head hit the floor loudly.

The maid screamed. “My lady! What’s wrong, my lady?”

Feng Qingtian ran to her, but stopped two steps away.

“Check her condition,” Feng Qingtian said coldly.