224 My Love Has Changed

Nan Ningxin sat down in a good mood. Her favorite tea was served.

“Your special tea is the best, after all.”

“How is your body?” Feng Qingtian looked at her indifferently.

He had been okay chatting with her before, but even chatting now felt irritating.

However, looking at the Night Lotus on her, he held back.

“I’m basically recovered, but my chest still aches at night,” Nan Ningxin said casually with self-pity in her eyes.

Feng Qingtian often felt guilty, seeing how stubborn she was, but he somehow didn’t like it anymore.

“There are ultra Pure Heart Pills here. They’ll make you better.”

“Qingtian, you’re the best.” Nan Ningxin smiled genuinely. Ultra Pure Heart Pills were much rarer than common Pure Heart Pills.

Only one in a hundred common Pure Heart Pills could become an ultra one during the manufacturing process.

Even the Murong family didn’t have a lot.

Feng Qingtian asked casually, “How is the Night Lotus? Did you ask it why it was particularly tolerant of Gu Bailu last time?”

Nan Ningxin’s face changed slightly, but she soon covered it up. “It was probably stunned after I abandoned it.”

Concealing his suspicion, Feng Qingtian said coldly, “There’s something that I have to say.”

Nan Ningxin grinned. “Why are you so grave? There’s nothing that can’t be said between us.”

Feng Qingtian sat back and looked at her apologetically. “I’m afraid that I won’t touch you, or have any feelings for you. The past is somehow distant to me now.”

Nan Ningxin’s smile was gone. “What did you say?”

She never thought that he could say something so ruthless to her.

He didn’t give her any hope.

No… She was Nan Ningxin, his favorite woman whom he had abandoned everything to protect.

Why did he not have feelings for her?

In the past, he could give up everything for that woman.

He had once said that she wasn’t her. She had turned into her in this life, but he still didn’t like her!


“I thought it was a problem with my body, but it wasn’t. I have feelings for Gu Bailu. I have to admit that my love has changed.”

Feng Qingtian finally said it.

He felt nothing but guilt toward Nan Ningxin.

However, love couldn’t be forced. When feelings were gone, they could never come back.

“No! It’s impossible! I don’t believe it! It’s only a physical problem. You’ll be fine after it’s fixed!” Nan Ningxin turned pale, her hand flying to her chest.

After so much planning over such a long time, she had never expected to hear that!

My love has changed.

Well said!

“I’m certain that my body is fine. I don’t want to touch you. I know it’s hard to accept. I struggled for a long time, but I can’t lie to you or myself.”

Nan Ningxin shook her head hard. “No, that’s not true. You said that your love for me would never change, however much time passed!”

“I also promised you that I would never touch another woman, but I couldn’t help touching Gu Bailu. I’ve wronged you.”