223 I Don“t Want Her to Be Uncomfortable

The doorkeeper retracted his gaze. Miss Murong was definitely much more graceful than the other woman.

If he had to pick, he would definitely pick Miss Murong.

It was a pity that the garbage was the only woman his lord could touch.

His lord was giving instructions in the study. “Move my clothes and bedding to the cottage.”

He didn’t like the pink quilt.

But Gu Bailu liked it. She probably would make a scene if he were to change it.

“Yes, sir. Will you live in the cottage? Should we move the study there?” the butler asked respectfully.

He wondered why they had to move the stuff over when the two buildings were so close to each other.

Would the lord really find the pink cottage comfortable?

If he really liked her, he could summon the woman to Indulgence Pavilion.

He thought that his lord had put her close to Indulgence Pavilion because he didn’t want to live with her.

He was proven completely wrong.

His lord was going to move there.

Was it because Miss Gu didn’t like the other building’s dull style?

He had never seen his lord so considerate of a girl before.

Even the girl from the Murong family had never been given such a privilege.

Feng Qingtian thought for a moment. “The study will stay here. Some meetings can be noisy.”

Was he worried that Miss Gu would be disturbed?

The butler found it harder and harder to remain calm.

What about the lady from the Murong family?

Just as the butler was pondering, someone reported, “My lord, Miss Murong is here.”

Feng Qingtian looked at the butler. “Keep the servants under control. I’ll show no mercy to blabbermouths.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go now.” Feng Qingtian stood up and watched Nan Ningxin come in.

She was wearing a tight pink dress that highlighted her body curves.

Her face was smooth and a healthy red.

Feng Qingtian stared at her, but there was no ripple in his eyes.

He liked Gu Bailu’s cheeks, which he could squeeze anytime, and her glittering big eyes, but Nan Ningxin couldn’t give him that feeling.

Before Gu Bailu showed up, Feng Qingtian had thought that it was his physical problem which caused him to have no feelings for Nan Ningxin.

However, after Gu Bailu’s appearance, he felt everything a man should, including panic and fear of loss.

When Gu Bailu tried to destroy Nan Ningxin last time, he hadn’t been worried that Nan Ningxin would die, but that Gu Bailu would be killed by the backlash from the Night Lotus.

It was the first time he had been scared.

He thought that he cherished Gu Bailu because she made him a man.

However, after rescuing Nan Ningxin and staring at her in his arms, he didn’t feel anything other than boredom.

He experienced the same fear on the journey to the island.

He knew that he couldn’t be apart from Gu Bailu now.

So, he had to make certain things clear.

He had to own up to his mistakes bravely.

He needed to confess that his feelings for her were gone.

“Qingtian.” Nan Ningxin looked at Feng Qingtian, smiling.

He was brilliant all the time, and looked above all other human beings.

“You’re here. Have a seat.” Feng Qingtian sat down.