221 Sold at Such a Low Price

Gu Bailu took the contract back in a good mood. She opened the door again and said to the Ye guards, “Kick these people out. This store belongs to me now.”

Many people were outside the store. It was highly unusual that a store would be closed in the middle of a day.

Now that the door was open, they looked inside, and their complexions changed.

The second prince and the manager were kneeling on the ground.

As civilians, they hurried to step out of the way, so that the second prince wouldn’t be kneeling to them.

The Ye guards didn’t ask anything when they threw the second prince and the manager out.

The second prince roared, “Gu Bailu, what’s your evil trick? I’ll report it to my royal father and burn you!”

Gu Bailu asked a guard to move a chair to the door, and she sat in it. “Why are you so generous, second prince? It’s only fair that you marry my sister since you love each other. I don’t need any compensation.”

“I didn’t give you any compensation. That was evil sorcery you used just now.”

He had been controlled just now!

“Second prince, I know that this minor store isn’t good enough for you now that you have the treasure map, which is enough to buy thousands of stores.”

Feng Xuanchen asked anxiously, “What treasure map are you talking about?”

Gu Bailu was surprised. “You didn’t know? I gave the treasure map to my sister before I left. She didn’t tell you?”

Feng Xuanchen was furious. Gu Wanqin had been lying to him the whole time.

No wonder she wanted to kill Gu Bailu to get rid of the evidence.

He was wrong to have loved and trusted her!

Feng Xuanchen got back to his feet and led the guards to the Gu house.

He had no time to bother with the store now.

Gu Bailu’s lips curled. Just let the dogs bite each other.

Now that she had a store, she would never run out of money.

The bystanders outside were stunned. What happened?

Did the second prince really transfer the store to the daughter of the Gu family?

The Ye guards began to clean up the store.

Gu Bailu took the clothes out of the bag and shouted in delight, “Come on and take a look! The ownership of this store may have changed, but the goods are definitely fantastic! All of them are unique!”

Feng Qingtian definitely wouldn’t make the same clothes twice for Nan Ningxin.

The bystanders looked at each other as they hesitated.

“All new goods are 30% off!”

Some of the customers finally couldn’t take it anymore.

They grabbed what they liked. “Are they really 30% off?”

The fabric was all royal material that couldn’t be bought, even if they had the money.

“I never go back on my word.” Gu Bailu smiled.

“Where did you get the clothes?” Someone wasn’t reassured.

Miss Gu didn’t have any spiritual power. Where did she get so many great clothes?

“Rest assured. They’re from Prince Zi’s house. You must know them, don’t you?” She pointed at the Ye guards. “They can testify that I brought these clothes from Prince Zi’s house.”

The Ye guards’ frozen faces cracked.

The glamorous clothes that their lord had asked the embroiderers to make were invaluable.

And Miss Gu was selling them off, just like that?