220 Acquiring a Store

“Yes… Ahhh!!!”

Gu Bailu kicked the manager into the ceiling.

Feng Xuanchen said ruthlessly, “You’re asking to be killed, Gu Bailu.”

Then, he drew his sword, which glittered green. Gu Bailu knew that it was the light of a Master.

A Master?

A Master was certainly nothing to be scared of after she had defeated the president of Cloud Mirror Academy.

Gu Bailu dodged the sword easily and approached Feng Xuanchen in a strange but quick manner. She then stuck a rune to the back of his head. “Today, I’ll teach you a lesson on manners.”

Feng Xuanchen was immediately frozen.

Gu Bailu kicked his leg. “You must kneel with your back straight to show your sincerity, and look at the person you’re apologizing to.”

She looked down at Feng Xuanchen before him. “Now, say with all sincerity that you’re willing to give me all your possessions.”

Feng Xuanchen stared at her, his eyes completely muddled.

“I… I’m willing to give you the store.”

Gu Bailu looked at the manager, who was still stuck in the ceiling. “Did you hear that? Come down and draw up the contract.”

She raised her hand and got the manager down.

The manager hesitated. “Second prince, how… how can you give the store to her…”

Gu Bailu kicked his jaw and broke it.

“You only need your hand to write the contract.” She kicked the manager’s foot again, making him sweat in pain.

“What are you waiting for?” the manager roared at the guards around.

The guards, however, were utterly still, like trees.

Gu Bailu had frozen them before she attacked. They couldn’t sense anything now.

Maybe I can’t deal with Feng Qingtian, but do you think I can’t deal with you?

Gu Bailu kicked the manager in the chest and sneered at him. “Are you writing it or not?”

“Yes, of course.”

The manager got back to his feet and obediently brought out paper and pen.

Gu Bailu looked at him and smiled. “For each word that you write wrong, I’ll break one of your toes.”

The manager trembled. She looked like a devil.

The manager wrote quickly and to Gu Bailu’s satisfaction.

“Go kneel over there,” Gu Bailu said to him, before she threw the contract at the second prince. “Sign it.”

Without any resistance, the second prince signed it.

Then, he gave the signed contract to Gu Bailu with both hands.

Gu Bailu smiled and chanted, canceling the rune.

“Gu Bailu, what did you do to me? I’ll never marry you!” Feng Xuanchen saw the contract the moment he was back to himself.

Gu Bailu seemed to have gotten him to sign something just now.

Did she want him to marry her immediately?

Gu Bailu stuck another rune to his forehead. “Just kneel there. Let me show you what you just signed.”

She opened the contract before Feng Xuanchen. “The second prince is a good guy. Knowing that you’ve been running it poorly, you’ve transferred the store to me.”

“You… I didn’t! What did you do to me?”

He hadn’t been able to control himself just now. His body had followed Gu Bailu’s instructions instead of his brain. Gu Bailu was indeed a disaster.