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Gu Bailu smiled. “Look. Isn’t it great to unleash the beast inside you? However, I need to tell you: after you failed to kill me once, you won’t have another chance ever.”

She touched her face. “Third Sister, please don’t die of anger. The game has only just begun.”

“Don’t be cocky just because Prince Zi is watching your back. You’re just a loser without spiritual power, after all.”

“Then, come and try me.”

Gu Bailu shrugged and looked at Gu Wanqin in disdain.

Gu Wanqin’s and the second prince’s combat abilities were as bad as their personalities.

If she couldn’t deal with them, it would be a waste of her time coming to this world.

Gu Bailu touched her bracelet gravely.

Dad, master, wherever they are, I’ll find them and offer their hideous souls to the deceased members of the Gu family.

“My lady, that woman is so annoying. Let me kill her.”

Gu Bailu patted her head. “Don’t be hasty. Just let her hop about for a few days.”

Gu Wanqin had never been a problem. Feng Qingtian was the tricky one.

“Why didn’t I look for a beast?” Gu Bailu sighed for a long time at the table.

She was in such an awful mood that she didn’t eat.

She had to cure Feng Qingtian quickly, or he might really come after her if he couldn’t touch other women.

However, his problem was really complicated. His psychological issues made him hate women.

However, given his self-control, he shouldn’t have killed all of them.

Somebody was clearly taking advantage of his psychological issues.

1Whoever it was had been doing it for years without being found out. It had to be a very tough person.

She needed to upgrade her skills. An art as evil as that couldn’t escape the Heavenly Eye.

She tapped the bracelet, and it emitted silver light.

“I need to do good deeds to upgrade my skills. Tell me. Under what circumstances will you disappear now?” Gu Bailu asked the bracelet.

“As long as the traitor doesn’t destroy the Murong family.”

“Is the Murong family very big?” If the family wasn’t a big one, the traitor certainly wouldn’t be working so hard to claim leadership of the family.

“You’ve never heard of the Murong family?”

“Why should I have heard of the Murong family?”

When Gu Bailu stood before the splendid gate of the Murong family, she realized how stupid her former self was to have fallen in love with the second prince.

Even the steps of the Murong family’s place were made of gold. It was the greatest family in the Southern Glory Empire.

The family genes were also excellent. There were a couple of rare geniuses in every generation.

Take the deceased Miss Murong, for example. She had been regarded as the future hope of the Southern Glory Empire and a genius as famous as Feng Qingtian.

It was a pity that she fell in love with someone in her clan and eloped with him.

Gu Bailu had paid someone for all this information.

“If you’re so smart, why did you fall in love with a random descendant of your clan?” Gu Bailu asked.

“Who’s interested in him? That was just the bitch’s trick. We have to go to my brother to expose her.”

“Alright. The sooner it’s resolved, the sooner you can rest in peace, and the sooner I can solve my problem.”

Gu Bailu walked up the steps and said to the gatekeeper, “Please tell Mr. Murong that someone would like to meet him.”

The gatekeeper didn’t even look at her. “Mr. Murong isn’t inside.”

“Where did he go, if I may ask?”

“How would servants like us know his whereabouts?”

“Farewell then.”

Gu Bailu turned around and left. Now that she couldn’t get in through the gate, she had to look for a side door.

“I don’t think he was lying. My brother will be in Ronghua Tower if he’s not at home.”

“Where’s Ronghua Tower?”