218 I Can“t Hold Back Anymore

Gu Bailu didn’t bother to wonder what her father and her stepmother were planning.

She was busy making money.

The Ye guards were like walking GPS that led the way for her.

Very soon, Gu Bailu found the best clothes store in Pale Emperor City.

Its clients included all the noble families of Pale Emperor City. The clothes were fashionable and made from selected fabrics.

Ye Yunshu and Gu Wanqin had once brought her here and bought her an expensive dress.

A few days later, Gu Wanqin had asked her to wear the dress to a birthday celebration at the Prime Minister’s house.

In the end, she found herself in exactly the same clothes as the second daughter of the Prime Minister.

Everybody had mocked her for copying the other girl. She almost jumped into the lake that day.

Thanks to Ye Yunshu and Gu Wanqin consoling her, she finally got over it.

She appreciated them for being so warm toward her, and had no idea that they had planned everything.

Gu Bailu smiled and walked in.

The sales clerk simply glanced at her before greeting another customer.

“Miss Li, some new, fine clothes have been made. Do you want to take a look?” he asked warmly.

Nobody bothered to talk to Gu Bailu.

She looked around the store. The clothes were indeed fancy and fashionable.

She had even picked quite a few of them.

However, they still weren’t as good as what was inside her bag.

After all, even the leftovers in Prince Zi’s house were valuable, to say nothing of the clothes that Feng Qingtian had made for his love.

Seeing that nobody greeted her, Gu Bailu walked to a sales clerk who was counting orders. “Do you purchase finely made, brand new clothes?”

She had come to this store because it could probably offer the best price.

Before she could open the bag, however, the sales clerk backed off in contempt. “Go away. Who wants your trash? There’s a pawnshop at the end of the alley. Go there if you need any money.”

The whole of Pale Emperor City had learned that she had been expelled from Cloud Mirror Academy.

What a disgrace for Southern Glory Empire.

Gu Bailu was caught off guard. Was this really the most high-end clothes store in Pale Emperor City?

How mean.

“Don’t stand in the way. You’re blocking our business.” Another sales clerk pushed Gu Bailu away.

Gu Bailu was caught unprepared again.

Damn it! I can’t hold back anymore! She rolled up her sleeves and was about to step forward.

“Miss Li, please take a look. This is a unique style in our store, created by the lady of the Murong family. You can’t find it anywhere else on the entire continent. Ah… What are you doing?”

Gu Bailu had barely rolled up her sleeves when the Ye guards grabbed the sales clerk by his collar as if he were a chicken. They threw him forward, and the sales clerk hit the wall and gradually slid down, leaving clear bloodstains behind.