217 Even Dogs Will Despise Her

However, no locations were marked on the treasure map.

She checked the back. It read, “Dominant Emperor Mausoleum.”

What was that place?

Gu Bailu searched her memories, only to discover that her former self didn’t know the place.

However, since her former self didn’t even know the Murong family, it was only natural.

Gu Bailu memorized the curved routes on the map.

After going over it repeatedly and confirming that there wasn’t any other information on the map, she smiled mischievously.

Didn’t Gu Wanqin and her mother want it?

She would grant their wish.

She put the map back into the box and locked it again.

Then, she hid the box in a tiny rat hole below the bed.

That was a sign of how dilapidated the room was.

The wood which the box was made from was bug-proof, and rats probably wouldn’t bite it.

After completing everything, Gu Bailu put on her clothes and opened the door, carrying a bag which she had brought from Prince Zi’s house.

“Miss Gu, are we going back?” The Ye guards’ spirits were lifted.

If they followed Miss Gu out but couldn’t bring her back, their lord would definitely slap them.

“I’m going shopping. It’s been a while.”

Ignoring the guards’ reluctance, she left the room in delight.

After she left, a maid who had been hiding in a corner hurried to the main yard.

“My lady, she’s out. She seemed rather happy,” the maid reported.

Ye Yunshu was giving Gu Zongxiong a massage. She smiled. “General, like I said, she’s satisfied with the marriage. She was only pretending just now.”

Gu Zongxiong touched the back of her hand. “You’re smart. However, are we really going to marry her to the Wang guy? Shao Di seemed nice to her.”

Ye Yunshu chuckled. “Are you counting on her to honor our family? Don’t forget how we cleaned up her mess in the Murong house, when she stayed comfortably at home without saying anything on our behalf.”

Gu Zongxiong turned furious when he remembered that. “That wench!”

“She’s different from before. I suspect that she knows about her mother.”

Gu Zongxiong looked at her. “You mean she knows the truth of Yueru’s death?”

How could that be? She had been too young, and everybody involved in it was dead.

“Why else is she saying that it’s her mother’s house and asking us to get out of here?” Ye Yunshu smiled in disdain.

Gu Zongxiong patted her hand. “Why would I count on someone as useless as her? I’m only afraid that Shao Di will show up.”

“Shao Di will keep her as far away as possible from him once she’s married. After she contracts syphilis, even dogs will despise her.”

Shao Di and Prince Zi would have to be blind to like her again.

Then, her Wanqin would have a chance.

They looked similar because of the father they shared. Ye Yunshu was certain that her daughter would be able to win their hearts.

Men were all the same. They could be tricked easily.

Gu Zongxiong was already imagining how Gu Bailu would suffer from syphilis. He couldn’t feel any happier.

If his daughter intended to kick him out of the house, he could only throw away their bond.