216 Family Tragedy

“That’s because Miss Gu asked.” Of course he had to defend his lord.

For as long as he could remember, no woman had ever lived in Prince Zi’s house; even the one from the Murong family was often kicked back out.

He knew that his lord must be into this girl, or at least wanted to have offspring with her.

“Tell me the problem with the idiot.”

“Mr. Wang is indeed handsome, but he’s too fat to move around. He can only lie on his bed every day.”


Gu Bailu didn’t know what to say.

Did he become a Master because of how fat he was?

Wow, so obesity wasn’t that bad a thing at all.

“He has no other problems?”

Even though he was too fat to move, this still seemed a great deal of trouble for someone as useless as her.

Could Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu be so nice?

Gu Bailu would never believe it!

The guards were silent for a while.

How should they explain it to Miss Gu, and would their lord cut them into pieces when they did?

The Ye guards had never been in a greater dilemma.

“You look quite serious.”

The more they hesitated, the more curious she became.

As Gu Bailu stared at them with sparkling eyes, one of the guards finally couldn’t hold it any longer.

“He has syphilis, which cannot be cured.”

“What?” Gu Bailu exclaimed. “How can he have contracted such a disease if he can’t get out of his own bed?”

The guard’s face twitched. Why was Miss Gu so familiar with such a disease?

“His mother summoned someone to cater to his needs.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Fatty Wang was truly pitiful to have such an inconsiderate mother.

You could’ve found a clean girl, or at least a reliable prostitute, if your family is so rich.

Fatty Wang was certainly doomed.

“Couldn’t they buy a clean girl?”

They were already here to buy her; why not buy a few maids who could serve him that way?

“It’s because of internal strife within the family…” the guard said.

Right… So, his mother might’ve thought that the girl was clean when she in fact had the disease.

Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu hadn’t disappointed Gu Bailu. They had given her such a great fiancée.

Gu Bailu returned to her own chamber and sniffed at it.

It looked decent outside, but was poorly furnished inside.

“Miss Gu, it’s time we returned,” the guards urged her.

“No. Didn’t you hear what the general said? I’m to be married. Get out. I need to get some rest.”

Naturally, the two guards didn’t dare stay in her room. They hurriedly withdrew.

Gu Bailu closed the door and took out the box which her mother had left her in this life.

It was only the size of a matchbox. The surface had turned rough after all these years.

There was a tiny lock on the box. Gu Bailu quickly opened it with her needle.

She didn’t see the jewelry or marvelous pills that she was expecting – instead, there was only a piece of cloth woven from gold thread.

After a dozen years, the cloth was still as good as new.

She unfolded the cloth, only to discover many winding lines on it.

Was it a treasure map?