She extended her hand into it and found a little box.

She was about to open it, when somebody warned from outside, “Stop there. Nobody can enter without Miss Gu’s permission.”

It seemed that the general’s wife was aware of her return.

Gu Bailu quickly put the box with the Sky Splitting Mirror in it into the hole and moved the lever back.

After she crawled out, she found herself covered in dust.

How long had it been since the place was cleaned?

Gu Bailu patted the dust off her and put the box which she had taken out into her pocket, before she walked out gravely.

She opened the door. There was a maid outside who was in fancier clothes than Gu Bailu had worn when she was in the house.

The maid immediately smiled at her. “Her ladyship is very happy that you’ve returned. She asked me to pick you up.”

Gu Bailu pulled a long face. “You’re the head maid of the general’s wife, aren’t you?”

The maid sniffed but still said with a fake smile, “That’s right.”

“Slap her.” After Gu Bailu gave the order, the guard behind them immediately slapped the maid in the face.

Her face immediately swelled up.

“Miss, what’s the meaning of this?” The maid simply glared at her angrily.

The guard kicked her leg. “Who are you glaring at?”

The maid fell on the ground and gazed at Gu Bailu. “Miss, it’s great that you can be bossy now with outsiders to help you.”

This bi*ch dared to hit her.

She was the most appreciated maid under the lady. Everybody was polite to her in the house.

Even the general respected her.

“I hit you because you deserve it. Remember that.” Gu Bailu left with the guards, and stopped briefly next to her. “If this place is still dusty next time I’m here, it won’t be your face that’s smacked.”

The maid was smart enough to know that Gu Bailu’s guards were tough.

“Tell the lady that I was heavily wounded and can’t get out of bed,” the maid covered her face and said to the other maids, before she walked away on trembling legs.

Let’s see how I’ll get back at you, bi*ch.

When Gu Bailu returned to the hall, it was still lively. Someone was saying in a shrill voice, “Congratulations. They’re a perfect match.”

Gu Bailu walked in. “What are you celebrating? Tell me about it and cheer me up.”

There were six people in the room: Gu Zongxiong, his wife, two women in glamorous clothes, and two maids.

Ye Yunshu, the general’s wife, smiled at her when she came in. “Lu, this is really a great thing. You’re getting married.”

Gu Bailu sat in a chair and smiled. “What a miracle that somebody is willing to marry someone as useless as me.”

“Lu, don’t say that. Although you don’t have a spirit root, no man can refuse a girl as beautiful as you… The gentlemen of the Wang family are all very caring.”

“Does he not have a spirit root, either?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

Otherwise, why would he come to her?