Even the butler was pushed to the ground in disbelief.

Gu Bailu stepped on his chest. “Did you say that I was unreasonable?”

“Ahhhh… Miss, I was wrong. I was wrong. You’re reasonable, Miss…”

Gu Bailu sneered. “So, this is reason.”

She kicked him in the chest hard and didn’t leave until the man spurted blood.

She had been too busy opening the Heavenly Eye after her transmigration. Then, she encountered Nan Ningxin. She had had no time to deal with the people who had taken advantage of her former self.

It was a good chance to settle the score.

Gu Bailu brought the guards into the yard; the hall was quite lively.

There was obviously the sound of visitors inside.

Gu Bailu listened for a while but didn’t go in. She returned to her own room.

She had to hide the piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror which was on her.

She chose to hide the item in the Gu house because her mother had left her a great hiding place. Her mother’s treasure was still hidden there.

Gu Wanqin and her mistress mother pretended to love Gu Bailu, not to win Gu Zongxiong’s favor, but because Gu Bailu still had her mother’s treasure.

Although Gu Bailu didn’t know what the treasure was, Gu Wanqin’s mistress mother certainly did.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so nice to Gu Bailu all these years while they tried to figure out the location of the treasure.

That was also why Gu Bailu despised the second prince.

The only reason why he hadn’t withdrawn his proposal in the beginning was that Gu Wanqin had told him about the treasure.

He wanted to trick Gu Bailu into giving it to him.

However, her former self had remembered her mother’s reminder that the treasure was only to be used during consummation.

Her former self had found it embarrassing, so hadn’t revealed it however they tried to deceive her.

In the last attempt, Gu Wanqin ascertained that Gu Bailu didn’t know where the treasure was at all.

So, she simply pushed her off the cliff and ended the life of the former Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu decided to find out what the treasure was.

Gu Bailu shut the door of the room and jumped out the window.

Behind the window was a trail that led to the family’s ancestral hall.

When her former self was little, she always went to her mother like this when she missed her.

The ancestral hall was dim and cold.

A dozen memorial tablets were placed there, and her mother’s was the most recent one.

Gu Bailu noticed the dust on the tablet. There were few offerings before it. It wasn’t hard to imagine how the servants treated it.

Gu Bailu wiped the tablet with a handkerchief and put it away.

“Mother, your daughter is also dead. I wonder if you’ve met each other in the other world. But rest assured, I won’t let go of those who were mean to you.”

Gu Bailu knelt before the tablet, and then stood up.

As for the other people in the ancestral hall, she didn’t know them and simply ignored them.