Shouldn’t Prince Zi be preoccupied with state affairs?

Why did he have the time to go to her house with her?

She was going to hide the treasure!

How could she hide it if he came with her?

“Prince Zi, you’re too busy. I can’t trouble you with such a trivial matter. You can send a few guys to escort me.”

“You didn’t realize I was busy when you asked me to gather the Sky Splitting Mirror for you?”

“The Sky Splitting Mirror is a big thing that only you can do.” Gu Bailu chuckled and ran off with the black box. “I’ll be leaving. You must handle your affairs well, Prince Zi. So many people count on you.”

Feng Qingtian saw her bounce off in great delight.

Was she so happy to get rid of him?

He truly wanted to pull her back and teach her a lesson.

However, it was true that he had a lot of things to do.

Gu Bailu returned to the pink cottage and packed up the beautiful clothes, before she left with two guards that Feng Qingtian sent over.

All the guards in the house were surnamed Ye.

The Ye family was a family under Prince Zi’s command. They raised strong and loyal guards for the house.

That was what Ye Ying told Gu Bailu.

Nothing happened on her way back. She got out of the carriage and swaggered in.

“You’re back, my lady. Please wait while I inform her ladyship.” The doorkeeper greeted her reluctantly.

Gu Bailu glared at him. “What? I cannot return to my own house until you inform her?”

“Of course not. Her ladyship will be happy to know of your return.” The doorkeeper left.

He was going to send a message. Was there something going on in the house?

It definitely wasn’t a good thing.

“Seize him,” Gu Bailu told the person following her.

The person disappeared like a ghost. When Gu Bailu approached, the doorkeeper was kneeling like a bunny.

Gu Bailu kicked him in the face. “Remember who the master of this house is, or it won’t be your face that’s kicked next time.”

The doorkeeper vomited blood and lost two teeth.

Those servants had set a lot of traps for her former self.

Her former self had never treated them unfairly. She even gave them money every now and then.

However, they mocked her for the amount that she gave them.

Her former self treated people sincerely, but nobody returned it.

Could sincerity never be met with such in this world?

“Miss, how… how can you beat people up without a reason?” a butler ran out and asked angrily.

“Do I need to report to you when I beat up a servant in my house?” Gu Bailu asked in amusement.

The butler looked at her in disgust. “Even if you are the miss, you cannot punish people without a reason!”

Besides, she wasn’t the miss at all, but only garbage.

Gu Bailu gazed at him. “Oh? So what do you want with me?”

She could tell that the butler was at least a level ten cultivator. The Gu family had a lot of capable hands, too.


“Then, I’ll have to bring you to her ladyship.” The butler waved his hand, and many guards came out.