If Feng Qingtian got angry at her someday, her soul would leave her body. That wasn’t a fair bargain.

Besides, if Feng Qingtian failed to deliver the Sky Splitting Mirror to her, his life was worthless to her. What she wanted was the complete Sky Splitting Mirror.

“These terms aren’t good enough. Who knows whether or not you’ll choose sex over life.”

Sleep with her for a year, and then die. In that case, she would get nothing but a dead person out of it in the end.

“Then, what do you want?” Feng Qingtian frowned. The woman scorned a life commitment. What was she thinking?

On the other hand, life was indeed worthless, considering how he had killed himself in each of his last eight lives when he had lived enough.

However, he didn’t intend to die early in this life, not when he had found Gu Bailu.

Thinking quickly, Gu Bailu said, “One piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror for two months of service.”

In that case, even if Feng Qingtian couldn’t gather all the parts of the Sky Splitting Mirror together, she wouldn’t suffer a loss.

It was also unnecessary to sign with the soul, so she wouldn’t have to worry about her life if she wanted to resist.

Feng Qingtian grabbed her chin and bit her lip. “You’re certainly clever.”

Gu Bailu frowned. Why are you biting all the time? Are you a dog?

“I’m just a weak woman. How can I not be careful?”

Feng Qingtian wasn’t bothered. He wasn’t scared that Gu Bailu might run away.

He was only scared that Gu Bailu was unwilling to make such a deal.

He changed the contract. She was to live in Prince Zi’s house and not hook up with any other men. For every piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror, she would offer two months of service.

That way, it would take no more than one year to gather all the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror.

Gu Bailu quickly signed the contract.

“It’s been a long time since I went home. I would like to visit my parents,” Gu Bailu said after that.

She needed to hide the Sky Splitting Mirror piece in case someone stole it.

She would never be reassured if it was hidden in Feng Qingtian’s territory. He would certainly know where it was.

She remembered that there was a great place to hide stuff in the Gu house.

“You’re running away with it?” Feng Qingtian’s face darkened.

She was indeed an ungrateful woman.

He knew exactly what the Gu family situation was like.

Gu Bailu had never said anything nice about Gu Zongxiong and his wife since she returned.

It was harder for her to miss them than to miss Prince Zi.

Gu Bailu wasn’t embarrassed at all. She simply smiled. “I’m not running at all. I have to pack up my stuff and move them here.”

Holding her hand, Feng Qingtian sniffed. “Why do you want that garbage? You have everything you need here.”

He knew exactly how Gu Zongxiong and his wife treated Gu Bailu.

They never offered her anything good.

Thinking that, Feng Qingtian was rather angry.

Gu Bailu was still smiling. “They indeed aren’t as good as what you have in your house, but I am partial to them after using them for years. For example, the comb makes my hair shinier, and the table increases my appetite…”

Feng Qingtian stood up. “I’ll go with you.”