Then, was it possible that Nan Ningxin was trying to obtain Feng Qingtian’s piece, too?

She might not be as into Feng Qingtian as she appeared.

Gu Bailu suddenly looked at Feng Qingtian sympathetically.

Feng Qingtian grabbed her chin. “Why do your eyes change all the time?”

Gu Bailu chuckled. Because I learned a great secret. I never knew that you could be fooled.

However, you certainly deserve it, since you were blind to fall in love with her.

“Is that so? I’m just happy.”

She certainly couldn’t let Nan Ningxin have this part of the Sky Splitting Mirror.

The three countries each had one piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror, and the Gu family had one. Where was the last piece?

“Serve me well, and you’ll be happy about more things.” Feng Qingtian kissed her on the lips.

Gu Bailu secretly wiped her lips and asked, holding his neck. “But one piece isn’t much use. Do you know where the other pieces are?”

Feng Qingtian didn’t ignore her gesture. He was quite upset.

The woman still didn’t want him to touch her. She was only playing along for the Sky Splitting Mirror and because of the old man’s reminder.

But that was fine. She would completely belong to him someday.

Feng Qingtian took out a scroll and gave it to her. “I can help you gather the Sky Splitting Mirror, provided that you agree to these terms.”

Gu Bailu accepted the scroll suspiciously. Many clauses were written on it.

She skimmed through them and saw the most important one.

In the next year, she had to sincerely cater to Feng Qingtian’s needs in his residence.

She couldn’t touch another man or have a different partner.

In return, he would gather the Sky Splitting Mirror for her in a year.

Gu Bailu clutched the scroll tightly and felt the urge to throw it in Feng Qingtian’s face.

However, remembering her master’s instructions and how weak she was, she could only hold herself back.

One year wasn’t a long time. Given her tricks, Feng Qingtian might not be able to touch her.

In the meantime, she could quickly improve her strength. There had to be plenty of enhancement pills here.

Not to mention that Nan Ningxin would be infuriated.

She had to wait until she got stronger.

While Feng Qingtian had never revealed his true abilities, it was obvious that he was scared of neither Gu Yunjing nor the Nether King.

Feng Qingtian wasn’t simply an arrogant man for nothing – there had to be a reason for his confidence.

“Fine. Deal. But you’re Prince Zi. What can I do if you violate the agreement?”

What if she suffered for a year, but Feng Qingtian didn’t give her the Sky Splitting Mirror in the end?

This place belonged to him.

The law was nothing to him.

Vague delight flashing in his eyes, Feng Qingtian said casually, “We can sign a contract in the name of the soul.”

“What do you mean?”

“We sign a contract using our souls. Whoever doesn’t act according to the contract, their soul will be harvested.”

The soul would be harvested?

Didn’t that mean death?

“Do you want it?” Feng Qingtian asked her with sharp eyes.

Gu Bailu hesitated. If it were a common contract, she could break it if she couldn’t fulfill it.

She didn’t want to sign a contract with her life.

She didn’t want to sleep with Feng Qingtian at all.