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Gu Zongxiong roared behind her. Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Such a useless father meant nothing to her.

Gu Zongxiong was just a descendant of a small family. He was rather talented and became a Master at 18.

The spiritual power in this world had to be cultivated level by level. A Master was level 20, a Grandmaster was level 40, and then it was Great Swordsman, Sword Elder, Sword Deity and Sword Heavenly God.

Normal people advanced at a rate of one level each year. It would take them twenty years to become a Master. Most of them started training after they turned three.

1So, while Gu Zongxiong wasn’t necessarily an unparalleled genius because he became a Master at 18, he was better than most people.

He happened to save Gu Bailu’s grandfather, who believed that he had potential, and married his only daughter to Gu Zongxiong.

Thus, Gu Zongxiong was actually living in his father-in-law’s house.

When his father-in-law was alive, Gu Zongxiong cherished his wife, but after his father-in-law passed away, Gu Zongxiong began to have all kinds of affairs. He even hooked up with his wife’s maid.

At that time, Gu Bailu had just been born, and her mother hadn’t recovered from the birth. She became sick after finding out that her maid slept with her husband.

By the time Gu Bailu was 2, her mother died from her fury.

Soon after Gu Bailu’s mother passed away, the ungrateful Gu Zongxiong turned the maid into his new wife and started his new life.

The previous owner of her body, fooled by Gu Wanqin and her mother, was very close to them.

Little did she know that if the woman really were a good person, she wouldn’t have slept with her lady’s husband.

Gu Bailu wasn’t going to give in. This was her mother’s house. The rest of them should get lost.

When she passed the garden, she saw Gu Wanqin with a few maids. The woman was wearing a white dress and walking gracefully. Her maid mother had taught her well.

“Sister!” She hurried over and asked in concern, “Are you alright, Sister? Did Prince Zi hurt you?”

“If Prince Zi hurt me, would I be standing here?” Gu Bailu was amused.

“Sister, you’re truly lucky. Even Prince Zi himself doesn’t dislike you. No one in Pale Emperor City will laugh at you anymore.” Gu Wanqin seemed rather happy.

Gu Bailu patted her shoulder. “Are you not tired after pretending for so many years, Third Sister?”

1Gu Wanqin’s face changed slightly. “What are you talking about?”

“Third Sister, I won’t lie, but my brain isn’t stuffed with grass. You still want to be my good sister after pushing me off a cliff?”

Gu Wanqin had thought everything was finished after she pushed Gu Bailu off the cliff herself.

“Sister, how can you say that? When did I ever do that? I was only going to marry Xuanchen because you had your accident…”

Gu Bailu patted her head again. “It must be difficult playing innocent for so many years. Everybody in Pale Emperor City thinks you’re kind and gentle. You better keep it up, but don’t be depressed now that I’m not cooperating with you anymore.”

1Gu Bailu burst into laughter.

Gu Wanqin clenched her fists hard. “If I can kill you once, I can kill you countless times more.”