But when she raised her head, she realized that the pink cottage she had emerged from was only ten meters away.

It abutted Indulgence Pavilion.

However, there was no road, only flowers, between the two buildings. That was why they had to come here through a long corridor.

Why couldn’t they establish a road through the flowers?

Finally, Ye Ying led her to one of the rooms.

There were no guards to be seen.

“My lord, Miss Gu is here,” Ye Ying reported.

“Bring her in.”

Gu Bailu walked in. She saw that Feng Qingtian was holding a black box before the table. He didn’t respond to them entering.

He had put on loose clothes, and his hair didn’t seem dry yet.

It didn’t affect how handsome his face was.

Ye Ying shut the door and withdrew.

Feng Qingtian finally raised his head and looked at Gu Bailu strangely.

Her face and her lips looked redder against the pink dress. Her body curves were accentuated, too.

She was both innocent and sexy.

Pink seemed to be a color that naturally belonged to her.

“Come here.” Feng Qingtian’s eyes grew dark.

Gu Bailu walked over and suddenly stole the box in his hands.

It had to be a real treasure for Feng Qingtian to cherish it like that.

Gloomily, Feng Qingtian pulled her into his arms. The ungrateful woman could see nothing but the box.

Did she not find him handsome when he was in such clothes?

With no time to bother about his appearance, Gu Bailu opened the box, and the room lit up.

Gu Bailu closed her eyes subconsciously and closed the box in a hurry.

“What’s this?” She was almost blinded.

Feng Qingtian took it from her and threw it aside. “What an idiot. You shouldn’t have opened it.”

“I only wanted to find out what’s in it…” Before she could finish, her mouth was already occupied by a foreign tongue.

After a long time, Gu Bailu finally complained, “You!”

“If you serve me well, the item in the box will be yours.” Feng Qingtian approached her and nibbled her earlobe. “Do you know what to do now?”

“What’s in the box?” Gu Bailu held back her anger and asked.

“The Sky Splitting Mirror.”

Gu Bailu straightened in shock. “Where did you get it?”

Nan Ningxin had stolen one piece from the Gu family. Gu Bailu knew that her family had an heirloom, but she had never seen it.

Was this the one stolen by Nan Ningxin?

She glared at Feng Qingtian. Was he the man behind Nan Ningxin?

“The royal families of the three countries have one piece each. My father gave this to me before he passed away.”

Feng Qingtian had no idea why she was eyeing him as if he were an unpardonable villain that should be killed.

So, he explained the Sky Splitting Mirror’s origin.

He didn’t want Gu Bailu to hate him, so he was offering her the Sky Splitting Mirror to ease the tension between them.