Then, he ate his own slowly.

Gu Bailu put the meatball in her mouth and asked, “What can I get from doing that?”

Feng Qingtian replied, “Come to Indulgence Pavilion after dinner.”

He didn’t want to talk with her now.

Having grown up in the royal family, he wasn’t used to talking over dinner.

It was already a miracle that he responded to Gu Bailu’s question.

Feng Qingtian seemed slow, but he actually finished his food quickly and left.

There was no telling why he was in a rush.

Gu Bailu was truly hungry. She wasn’t full until almost an hour later.

Ye Ying asked a dozen maids to help her change.

“Miss Gu, please choose the clothes that you like.”

Gu Bailu was pacing back and forth in the room to help with digestion.

She took a glance and saw dresses in all kinds of different styles. They had obviously been prepared for a woman.

Her eyes glittered. “Prince Zi is rich. These clothes look expensive.”

Her former self hadn’t been appreciated in the Gu family. The good clothes she had were all hand-me-downs from Gu Wanqin.

Gu Bailu knew that the clothes were expensive when she saw the fabric.

Ordinary people couldn’t afford them.

“Miss Gu, you’re an honored guest here, and should be treated accordingly.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “In that case, I would like more clothes.”

She had been worried about her lack of money.

She had spent most of the money that she had won from gambling. The rest of the money was still at Cloud Mirror Academy.

How could she turn down the feast that was offered to her?

“Do you think these are not enough, Miss Gu?” Ye Ying asked calmly.

The maids in the house weren’t as calm.

What a shameless woman. There were already so many clothes here.

Although they were angry, they didn’t dare reveal it before Ye Ying.

“The more, the better, but if that’s all, I’ll pick this one.” Gu Bailu selected a random pink dress.

She knew that these clothes must’ve been prepared for Nan Ningxin.

Otherwise, there was no way there could be so many fancy clothes in Prince Zi’s house.

Since it was Nan Ningxin’s stuff, she might as well sell them for money!

Ye Ying nodded and asked the maids to help Gu Bailu bathe and put the remaining dresses back on the hangers in the room.

Gu Bailu took a comfortable bath and changed, before Ye Ying brought her to Indulgence Pavilion.

Indulgence Pavilion was the height of understated luxury; even the wood that the building was made from seemed extraordinary.

The road was made of jade. The gigantic tree outside the building had dark lanterns all over it, which made it look quite creepy.

Feng Qingtian was rather crazy about the color black.