Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 205 - The Nether King Is Blind

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Before Gu Bailu saw anything, she heard screams from down below.

She looked down, only to see a few giant frogs crying in the weird river of mud.

They were entirely green, with a lot of lumps on their bodies, and were almost as tall as a human’s knees.

The runes that Gu Bailu threw out had hit them and made them cry out in pain.

“This shorty is mean,” one of the frogs complained.

Another frog agreed. “She’s an annoying shorty.”

Gu Bailu stood up in a fury. “Look at yourselves before you call me short!”

She couldn’t stand being humiliated by a few frogs.

“That manly robe is hideous.”

“It’s like a child in grownup clothes. What an eyesore.”

“She’s wearing boats on her feet. Hilarious.”


Gu Bailu rolled her eyes in anger. The frogs were truly noisy!

They were mocking Feng Qingtian’s robe and shoes, which she was wearing.

“I’ll catch all of you if you don’t stop,” Gu Bailu warned them.

She couldn’t meditate with the three ugly frogs croaking nonstop.

“She’s a hideous woman in hideous clothes…”

“No man will ever want her.”

Gu Bailu scratched her head. She wasn’t a petty person, but the frogs were too annoying.

She quickly drew a star in the air.

The frogs were still shouting, when they found themselves being lifted out of the mud.

“What the heck…”

“We’re flying!”

“This clown knows evil arts.”

Gu Bailu pulled them toward her and sniffed. “I’ll rip your souls apart if you keep talking.”

Her master said that the best way for her to make progress was to eat demonic souls.

Those frogs could talk. It was obvious that their cultivations were high.

“How dare you… We’re the three most handsome frogs in the Nether Land.”

“If you do anything to us, the Nether King won’t let you go.”

Gu Bailu whistled. “The Nether King must be blind to ignore your ugliness.”

“The Nether King is blind.”

“Yes, the Nether King lost his vision.”

“…” Was the Nether King really blind?

Were the three frogs making things up?

“If you badmouth the Nether King, the Nether King will cook you as food.” Gu Bailu bluffed them.

The frogs only seemed as smart as young children.

They fell silent and looked at Gu Bailu in fear.

“The Nether King dislikes other people saying that he’s blind. The Nether King won’t like us anymore.”

“I’m scared. Did the Nether King hear us?”

“What do we do?”

The three frogs were shouting again.

“Quiet! I’ll blow you up if you don’t stop!”

Gu Bailu felt as if her head was going to explode.

She tightened her grip on the frogs, making it barely possible for them to breathe.

The world was immediately peaceful once more.

“Be honest with me. Is the Nether King really blind?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

The frogs looked at each other and remained silent.

“If you don’t talk, I’ll extract your souls. I’m not bluffing.” Gu Bailu took out a soul collection rune and was about to chant the spell.

“The Nether King was born blind.”

“The Nether King cannot see anything in the human world.”

“The Nether King can only see souls.”