Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 203 - What If She’s Mrs. Shao Di?

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It was already noon the next day when Gu Yunjing reached Southern Glory Empire’s royal palace.

He broke into the palace, only to find a polar bear sound asleep on a bed. Gu Bailu was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is Gu Bailu?” Gu Yunjing woke Yin Neng up with a slap.

“You’re finally here. That girl waited a day for you before she went to Prince Zi.” Yin Neng yawned. “She hasn’t summoned me yet – most likely, nothing happened.”

Gu Yunjing was full of regrets. He had come as fast as he could, but was still too late.

Gu Yunjing sat down, one hand pressed to his chest. He had tried his best to suppress the people of the Nether Land.

Thankfully, Cloud Mirror Academy was his territory.

However, he was still wounded and out of spiritual power.

“You look terrible. Get some rest,” Yin Neng said.

Gu Yunjing meditated to recover his spiritual power. He didn’t stand up again until an hour later. Then, the emperor of Southern Glory Empire came with his ministers.

They insisted that he stay for lunch.

Fearing that the Nether Land would make trouble again, Gu Yunjing still returned to Cloud Mirror Academy.

The Nether Land, as expected, sent another batch of people at midnight.

The Nether Land was dreadful, not necessarily because they were stronger than other people, but because they often resorted to the most sleazy approach to win.

The battle at midnight took Cloud Mirror Academy by surprise, and while it was safe, many disciples were lost.

Gu Yunjing had locked Ah Lup up in his palace. He knew that she meant the world to Gu Bailu.

The Nether King was infuriated by the Imperial Residence’s refusal to give him the traitor. He issued the highest execution order.

For the Nether Land, this was a monumental thing.

Many elders of the Imperial Residence came to Cloud Mirror Academy and asked Shao Di to consider the big picture.

Gu Yunjing looked at the elders lazily. “Gu Bailu is my disciple. If I can’t protect my disciple, how can I continue to run Cloud Mirror Academy?”

“But we don’t tolerate our disciples making mistakes.” Anxiety had given the chief elder a lot more white hair.

The Nether Land might not necessarily defeat the Imperial Residence.

But a battle over an insignificant disciple was simply unnecessary.

Shao Di seemed determined to protect that woman.

He had lived in seclusion for so long, but had somehow become enchanted by this one.

“Someone has proven that Gu Bailu doesn’t know the traitor of the Nether Land. She only saved her once out of kindness. If they don’t listen to our explanation, the only choice is to fight. Have you forgotten how to fight after living comfortably for too long?”

Gu Yunjing glanced at everyone in the palace.

He usually seemed amiable, but he was intimidating; otherwise, how could he have ruled the Imperial Residence for a hundred and fifty years?

“It’s not that we don’t know how to fight, but that this battle isn’t worth fighting.”

The elders all agreed.

Why should they all fight for a loser?

Gu Yunjing stood up and looked at them. “What if the people of the Nether Land are trying to snatch Mrs. Shao Di?”