Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 202 - Master’s Warning

Feng Qingtian hugged her and almost kissed her attractive lips.

However, remembering her disdain, he could only bite her neck.

“What an ungrateful thing.”

She held him for so long, only to save the silly girl in Cloud Mirror Academy.

Even knowing that, he was still happy.

As long as Gu Bailu needed him, his day would come.

Feng Qingtian took out a white handkerchief.

“This is for you. Burn it later.” He gave it to Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu took the handkerchief. It was clean, but she knew that this was a trick of her master’s.

She bit her finger and dripped her blood on it. Gradually, a few sentences in red appeared.

“It’s not the right time for us to meet. Protect yourself. I’ll wait for you to return with the Sky Splitting Mirror. Do not fight on your own. Use everything that can be used. Prince Zi is the key.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes turned red after reading that. She knew that she hadn’t been wrong.

However, if her master told her that they couldn’t meet, they couldn’t meet.

“Are you done?” Feng Qingtian asked.

Gu Bailu nodded. Feng Qingtian snatched the handkerchief away and obliterated it.

Feng Qingtian then gave her a book. “This is for you.”

Gu Bailu accepted it. She realized that the book contained information on how to open the Heavenly Eye and the correct way to use the teleportation rune. It even included many runes that she had never seen before.

She hugged the book in excitement. “Master…”

“Read it now. We can’t go back until it’s destroyed.”

Gu Bailu hurried to memorize the content.

Feng Qingtian smiled at her obedience. If only she could listen to him like that someday.

An hour later, Gu Bailu finally moved her eyes away. She saw Feng Qingtian staring at the horizon.

He was only wearing a thin undergarment and was barefoot, but he didn’t look inelegant at all.

He was tall and had the perfect figure.

The intimidating vibe around him was almost palpable.

Feng Qingtian turned around. His handsome face was truly impeccable.

She truly liked the face.

“Have you memorized it?” Feng Qingtian was happy that she was staring at him.

“I think I have.” Gu Bailu gave him the book.

Her master gave the book to Feng Qingtian probably because he was trustworthy.

As a man with the Heavenly Eye, her master could see a person’s nature.

Back then, he hadn’t wanted the Gu family to adopt Nan Ningxin, but Gu Bailu had insisted.

Her master had compromised for her sake.

But in the end…

Gu Bailu shook her head. The past couldn’t be changed. She had to work for the future.

Feng Qingtian destroyed the book in the same way.

Such a book of secret arts was gone, just like that.

Gu Bailu looked back in they had come and wanted to visit her master again.

How lonely his life must be in this place!

Who imprisoned her master here? Why wouldn’t her master tell her?

But she had to listen to her master’s orders. She would be too ashamed to see him again before she collected all the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror.

“Can we go now?” Gu Bailu turned her eyes back to Feng Qingtian and asked.

Feng Qingtian hugged her in his arms, and the two of them disappeared.