Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 201 - A Three-Second Prince Zi?

Gu Bailu’s eyes bulged and she saw the desire in his own.

The thing in her hand truly felt like a piece of burning iron.

Was she really ungrateful? She was only reminding him kindly that her limbs were dirty…

Feng Qingtian’s eyes were even hotter as he looked at her innocent face.

He held her in his arms and placed his head on her nape. Smelling her vague fragrance, he directed her hand over the cloth that covered the hard iron.

Realizing what he was trying to do, Gu Bailu tried to pull her hand away.

Feng Qingtian gripped it tightly. “Help me. I’m uncomfortable.”

“Let go of me. Why should I help you? Go to your Nan Ningxin,” Gu Bailu said unconsciously.

She regretted it immediately after that. Would Feng Qingtian burst into a fury and leave her here?

Then, her previous efforts would be for nothing.

“She can’t help me. I don’t feel any desire for her,” Feng Qingtian said hoarsely.

“That’s because of your curse. If I level up, maybe I can help you solve it…”

With the Heavenly Eye, she would be able to track down the source of the curse.

Feng Qingtian breathed hard. “Let’s talk about it later.”

Gu Bailu didn’t want to resist him, but she didn’t want to help him with that, either.

She crouched down and pretended to be pitiful. “I’m so cold. Both my feet and my body are cold.”

Feng Qingtian let her go and gave her his boots.

The boots were too huge and looked like boats on Gu Bailu’s feet.

Gu Bailu noticed that Feng Qingtian’s big feet were clean and the nails were trimmed nicely.

Feng Qingtian covered her in his robe and put her behind a rock, before he said hoarsely, “Wait for me.”

Then, he went to the other side of the rock.

Gu Bailu blinked. What was he going to do?

As expected, was he taking care of himself?

On the other side of the rock, Feng Qingtian faced the cold wind to reduce the fire in his body.

Gu Bailu was a demon that aroused his lust every time.

It was truly uncomfortable that his fire couldn’t be released.

However, she was too pitiful for him to force her now.

The woman knew that the more she resisted, the more possessive he would be, so she dealt with him in a different way.

Feng Qingtian closed his eyes. The sea wind gradually cooled him down.

He could take care of it with his hand, but he didn’t want to. He would change Gu Bailu’s mind one way or another.

When Feng Qingtian opened his eyes again, they were already clear.

Gu Bailu was surprised to see him back. “Already?”

She looked at his crotch. There was no erection.

Prince Zi turned out to be a three-second man.

Although they had slept together three times, Gu Bailu didn’t know exactly how long Feng Qingtian could last.

She hadn’t been in her right mind during the first two times, and he passed out before he finished the last time.

Feng Qingtian turned cold. “Gu Bailu, try flirting with me again.”

Gu Bailu looked innocent. “I wasn’t flirting. Let’s go back. I’m worried about Ah Luo.”