Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 200 - I Really Didn’t Wash My Feet Last Night

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They’d slept together three times. She had never been so resistant.

She had let him in even when he had been stabbed, but even kissing was disgusting to her now.

What should he do if he couldn’t kiss her?

“No. I haven’t recovered from my seasickness yet, and I may have caught a cold.”

Gu Bailu didn’t understand why she was nauseated when Feng Qingtian forced her.

Having learned medical arts from her master, she knew that she was neither pregnant nor had a cold.

However, Feng Qingtian would be angry if she told him the truth. She could only lie to him for now.

Feng Qingtian looked better. He touched her forehead. It was quite cold.

He squatted and took off Gu Bailu’s shoes, only to discover that they were wet.

She had been walking around in these shoes?

Feng Qingtian pulled a long face. “Why didn’t you tell me that your shoes were wet?”

He held her feet and frowned at the coldness.

“What could you have done? There aren’t any extra shoes here.”

She had joined the journey halfway and hadn’t brought any luggage.

Even her robe was Feng Qingtian’s. She looked like a minister in it.

Feng Qingtian sat down and rubbed her feet in silence.

The warmth passed through Gu Bailu’s body and made her much more comfortable.

She should refuse, but… she was too cowardly in front of the gloomy Feng Qingtian.

He looked horrifying.

Grimly, Feng Qingtian warmed both her feet.

Although he looked awful, his movements were gentle, as if he feared hurting her feet.

“Prince Zi, can we really return immediately?” Gu Bailu couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Feng Qingtian bit her lip. “Shut up.”

He didn’t want to talk. He was in a bad mood because he hadn’t slaked his lust.

He had been holding it in for too long. Gu Bailu had no idea how he craved her.

What an ungrateful woman. He had even given up the attempt to lift the curse.

Gu Bailu opened her mouth, but simply closed it again.

For the big picture, she had better restrain herself!

Feng Qingtian raised her foot angrily and bit it.

Not satisfied, he bit the other one twice.

Gu Bailu was dumbfounded…

Prince Zi, weren’t her feet dirty? She hadn’t washed them yet…

Gu Bailu felt that Feng Qingtian must’ve lost his mind.

Thank god she had held back just now, or the man might’ve even bitten himself.

Still not entirely satisfied, Feng Qingtian began to bite her shin.

Gu Bailu coughed. “Hm, Prince Zi, I didn’t wash my feet or my legs last night!”

Feng Qingtian suddenly turned her around and pulled her toward him.

“If you talk again, I’ll do you here.”

Why are you so mean? It was only a kind reminder.

Feng Qingtian leaned over and was about to kiss her, but Gu Bailu backed off. “Prince Zi, I really didn’t wash my feet.”

You may like my dirty feet, but I don’t!

Feng Qingtian pressed her back to his chest and pulled her hand to his thigh. “Gu Bailu, I’m trying to hold myself back. If you continue to be so ungrateful, don’t blame me for ignoring everything.”