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“Are you threatening me?” Feng Qingtian’s eyes radiated danger, as if he would crush Gu Bailu if she said “yes.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “Am I threatening you, or are you insulting me?”

She had admitted her mistake and offered compensation. Technically speaking, a woman wasn’t legally responsible for raping a man.

1Who could’ve raped him if he didn’t get hard?

10Feng Qingtian couldn’t use her to vent his desires just because of that.

“It’s an insult that I’m willing to touch you?” It was as if Feng Qingtian had heard the most unbelievable thing.

There was anger in his cold voice.

“We aren’t in a relationship at all. Why should we sleep together? Do you intend to marry me?”

Feng Qingtian glanced at her. “Dream on.”

1“Alright. Then, what makes you qualified to sleep with me?”

1“Nobody has ever asked for a qualification before.” Feng Qingtian smiled, as if he found it interesting. “You’re the first.”

It remained to be seen whether she was fearless or ignorant.

“Do you think you can coerce me just because you know some of my past?”

“No. I just feel that someone as smart as you should know what’s in your best interest.”

After she cured him, he would be able to sleep with a woman who had dense spiritual power. That would be a much better choice than her.

2Feng Qingtian touched her cheek. “I hate threats more than anything.”

Gu Bailu scoffed and stared back at him. “I hate being forced, too!”

1If he was unwilling to take her up on her offer, they could just hurt each other!

Feng Qingtian let go of her. “I don’t like forcing people, either. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Great. Just wait for me.”

For, like, ten thousand years!

Although Feng Qingtian did have a pretty face, she was a woman of integrity, so she would never sleep with him so easily.

6The carriage stopped, and Gu Bailu hurried to jump off.

“I should’ve looked for a beast if I knew things would become this troublesome. Things would’ve been much easier.”

3Gu Bailu murmured and tapped her head regretfully, thinking that Feng Qingtian couldn’t hear her. Little did she know that Prince Zi’s face was so cold that it made Qin Shou shudder.

How had Miss Gu pissed off the lord again?

Gu Bailu was greeted by Gu Zongxiong’s fury when she entered the house. “You had the guts to escape right under Prince Zi’s nose. Look at what you’ve done. I don’t have a daughter like you. Get lost now.”

1Gu Bailu looked at him. “I’m not going anywhere. This is my house.”

I’m tired. Don’t mess with me!

“Your house? I’m going to strike your name from the family book.” Gu Zongxiong burst out in a fury. Didn’t she use to be docile and never fight back?

Something wasn’t right after she came back. She pissed off Prince Zi, sabotaged her sister’s wedding, and hurt the second prince. Why was she so bold?

What had she done outside? She was going to destroy the entire household.

She couldn’t stay in the house anymore.

“General Gu, you better consider carefully. Don’t forget how you rose to the top to begin with, and whose name was on the plaque of this house before.”

1Gu Bailu mocked him and led Ah Luo to the backyard.

“You… How dare you speak to your father like that?”