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“Shameless…” The man was immediately lost for words.

Losing control, Gu Bailu plastered herself to him.

“Are you a man or not? There’s no reaction after such a long time.” Gu Bailu was breathing hard. She bit her finger until it bled, and she stuffed it into the man’s mouth.

9The man finally had a reaction.

6“You’ll die without a grave.” The strange feeling made the man feel ashamed, but he had run out of spiritual power and couldn’t move at all.

1“Let’s talk about that later. Chances are you’ll even miss me. However, don’t do that, because I’m just a dream…”

2Gu Bailu’s voice trailed off as the drug’s effects were fully stimulated by the sex. Her consciousness gradually faded as her rationality was replaced by the joy her body was experiencing.

Appalled fury flashed in the man’s eyes. Finally, he couldn’t hold on anymore and passed out.

6The night grew even darker and hazier.

Nothing but the sound of provocative gasps could be heard in the woods.

When Gu Bailu woke up again, it was already dawn. She got up immediately after she remembered what she had done.

Dear heavens. She had raped a man.

18The man wasn’t up yet, but Gu Bailu didn’t dare look at his face. She cleaned herself up and put the man’s pants on for him. “There are too many women in this world. Don’t consider this a big deal. See you never.”

Gu Bailu lifted the hem of her dress and ran like crazy, not daring to look back.

After living for twenty years, she had eventually lost her virginity to a woodcutter in the mountains. How shameful!

3She had to take a few months to reevaluate her life.

1Soon, the man on the ground opened eyes that were full of coldness. Wretched woman, I’m going to kill you – let’s see if you can still be so bold when you’re dead.

2In the meantime, troops frantically stormed the woods.

An hour later, the man was rescued, but his charming face was now gloomy.

His subordinates knelt before the carriage and waited for instructions, not daring to even breathe aloud.

A moment later, a cold voice rang out. “Block all the city exits. Capture all the women in Fengdu City aged between 13 and 18 for me to check.”

3His frightened subordinates were now shocked.

Their lord asked for women?

And he was going to check them in person…

The sun was going to rise from the west tomorrow.

1Gu Bailu didn’t know which direction the sun rose from the next day, because she unfortunately fell into a pit soon after she ran off and passed out.

5Three months later…

1“My lord, all the women in Fengdu City have been examined. None of them left the city in the past three months.”

Sitting down, the handsome man narrowed his cold eyes, as dangerous as an animal. He asked, “Are you sure that all of them have been checked?”

“I’m sure that all the women registered in Fengdu City have been checked.”

“Cancel the blockade in Fengdu City.” The man clenched his fists.

The fish was too good at hiding. He had to loosen the net first.

1“Yes, my lord. The second prince’s wedding will be held next month. His Majesty wants you to escort him. How should I respond?”

“Who is he going to marry?”

“The general’s third daughter.”

1“It’s His Majesty’s decree. I will certainly obey it.”