Chapter 199: Try Vomiting

She couldn’t tell exactly what the difference was, but something definitely wasn’t the same.

She had had sex with Feng Qingtian three times, but they had all been very quick.

The first two times, she had been drugged and could barely remember anything.

The third time… it had been an animal with a blade in his chest above her. She had been too panicked to enjoy anything.

Gu Bailu truly felt that her life was pitiful.

She could’ve slept with a better man.

This man felt nothing but lust for her.

“We don’t have time for this. Please send me back if you can.” Gu Bailu wasn’t in the mood.

Her master’s attitude and Ah Luo’s situation were burdens on her heart.

“You must show your sincerity when you beg.” Feng Qingtian bit her lip as if he were licking a lollipop.

Gu Bailu frowned. Her brain told her that she should push him away, but another voice told her that she couldn’t return if she did so.

She had to save Ah Luo.

Yes, for Ah Luo, she couldn’t push him away.

“React.” Feng Qingtian kissed her for a long time, only to discover that Gu Bailu was stiff and absentminded.

He pressed her and rudely demanded a reaction from her.

Gu Bailu put her hands in front of her breasts to put some distance between her and Feng Qingtian. Her remaining rationality warned her that she mustn’t react.

Otherwise, he would only press further.

Seeing no response from Gu Bailu, Feng Qingtian kissed her even harder.

His hand reached into her clothes and touched her back.

Gu Bailu’s body immediately went soft at the touch of his hand. She breathed heavily, as if she were drowning in the ocean.

Right when she almost lost her head, Nan Ningxin’s enticing face popped up in her mind.

Her stomach rolled again. This man belonged to that vicious woman Nan Ningxin. She couldn’t allow him to take advantage of her.

Gu Bailu raised her knee and kicked hard. Feng Qingtian grunted, and sweat popped up on his face.

“Gu Bailu!” He didn’t let go of her, but simply hugged her even tighter.

He trembled and bit her like a mosquito.

“Let go of me!” Gu Bailu was even more nauseated. “Let go of me! Please! I’m going to throw up.”

She knew very well that she couldn’t piss off Feng Qingtian.

Her master must’ve told him how to get back.

If he was infuriated, Ah Luo would die.

She could risk her own life, but not Ah Luo’s.

Her nausea and her pain made her feel humiliated.

She hated her foe’s man, yet she couldn’t kick him away.

She had to allow him to do that.

Feng Qingtian raised his head, as intimidating as a wolf. “Gu Bailu, try vomiting!”

She hated him so much that she was nauseated at just a touch from him?

Feng Qingtian, who thought that he had done nothing wrong, was furious.

Gu Bailu burped because of her stomach and her fear.

Feng Qingtian looked at her from above, his hands next to her head. “Am I so disgusting?”