The old man was calm, but Miyasi heard the rebuke in his words.

He had only wanted to try and get his master out of here.

The old man said, “Our relationship ends today. Don’t come again.”

“Master! No! I was wrong! Please don’t give up on me! Please punish me!” Miyasi’s eyes shone with regret.

He didn’t expect his master to be so furious.

He didn’t think he might bring his master danger.

He was wrong.

The old man shook his head. “Go now.”

He then waved his hand, and Miyasi was shoved outside the array.

He intended to enter again, only to discover that the first step was already wrong.

His master had even changed the array.

Miyasi stood in remorse. His master had truly abandoned him.

Gu Bailu looked at the old man anxiously. “Master…”

She wouldn’t be sent out like that too, would she?

The old man looked at her, upset. “Don’t call me that. I’ve never had you as a disciple.”

Gu Bailu crossed her hands before her chest like a child who had done something wrong.

Feng Qingtian pulled her into his arms and glared at the old man. “Why did you yell at her?”

The old man sniffed. “If you treasure her so much, get her out of here.”

I only talked a little faster, and I didn’t even raise my voice. How is that yelling?

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was the person who stood the best chance of gathering all the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror…

Feng Qingtian carried Gu Bailu away, and Gu Bailu looked back at the old man. “Master, I’ll gather all the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror. Wait for me.”

Feng Qingtian turned her head and grabbed her chin. “When will you be as enthusiastic with me?”

Gu Bailu was in no mood to argue with him. She simply lowered her eyes.

Fine. Let’s see if you need me when you start collecting the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror.

“Crap, Ah Luo! We have to ask my master to send us there…” Gu Bailu struggled, growing anxious as her master got further and further away.

Gloom flashed in Feng Qingtian’s eyes.

“Stop moving!” His voice was hoarse.

That woman was only adding to his troubles.

Gu Bailu didn’t have the courage to move anymore, but something was stuck between her legs.

Feng Qingtian was carrying her like a baby, holding her bottom with his giant hand.

When she moved, her legs rubbed against his groin.

“Are you itchy because I haven’t touched you in two days?” Even without the rubbing, Feng Qingtian was already hard when he smelled her unique fragrance.

“Let go of me. I have to find my master.” Gu Bailu blushed, because it indeed seemed like she was flirting with him.

That certainly wasn’t her intention.

“Do you think he’ll send you back? You better beg me instead.”

Feng Qingtian put a giant hand on her back and whispered in her ear, “If you please me, I’ll take you to save Ah Luo.”

Gu Bailu blushed even harder when hot air blew against her sensitive earlobe.

Since the day Feng Qingtian rescued her from the ocean, she felt that he was different.