Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 195 - The Heavenly Palace Cliff in the Imperial Residence Is Fake

Her master must be mad at her for defending Nan Ningxin and regarding him as a scoundrel.

That was why he was unwilling to acknowledge her.

The old man looked at the rune. “Are you sure you can teleport with this? You’ll reach only him.”

He looked at Feng Qingtian in surprise.

The guy wasn’t simple.

“Master, it’s all my fault. I didn’t devote myself to learning from you back then…”

“What are you talking about?” The old man was obviously angry. He stepped away from Gu Bailu, and chains rustled on the ground.

It was then that Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian noticed that the old man was tied down by chains that were as thick as bowls.

“Master, you…” Gu Bailu tried to break the chains, only to discover that she couldn’t even move them.

They were so heavy!

Were they made of Cold Ink Iron?

“Master, who did this?” Gu Bailu’s eyes blurred with tears. She didn’t expect her master to be living here in suffering.

“Miyasi, she’s annoying. Shut her up.” The old man was upset that some juniors had seen his humiliation.

Feng Qingtian recognized the chains. “Those chains are made of tungsten gold. Your enemy was determined.”

The old man looked at him. “Your enemy cursed you on their life. They were determined, too.”

“Prince Zi, can you help free my master?” Miyasi asked hopefully.

He had brought Feng Qingtian here partly because his master could lift the curse and partly because he thought Feng Qingtian might be able to deal with the chains.

“Is that the real reason why you brought me here?” Feng Qingtian looked at Miyasi grimly. He didn’t like being manipulated.

“Prince Zi, please free my master. I’ll do whatever you want,” Gu Bailu begged Feng Qingtian.

There was so much yearning in her eyes as her tears poured out.

For some reason, Feng Qingtian didn’t want to disappoint her.

“There are few things that can cut tungsten gold.” Before Feng Qingtian could finish, Gu Bailu was already sobbing.

Neither her master nor Feng Qingtian could deal with the chains.

Was her master trapped here forever?

“I knew that.” The old man smiled mockingly. “I’ve abandoned the idea of leaving this place.”

“Stop crying. I didn’t say that it can’t be cut. There is one thing that can break tungsten gold.”

Gu Bailu’s tears stopped. “What is it?”

“The Water Glimmer Stone on Heavenly Palace Cliff.”

“Heavenly Palace Cliff? Master, send me back, and I’ll beg Shao Di…” Gu Bailu looked at the old man in delight.

The old man had complicated feelings. “Do you know where Heavenly Palace Cliff is?”

“In the Imperial Residence, of course.”

Feng Qingtian said casually, “The Heavenly Palace Cliff in the Imperial Residence is fake.”


The Heavenly Palace Cliff in the Imperial Residence was fake? What was that about?

“Heavenly Palace Cliff is in the Heavenly Palace. Nobody can go up there without the Sky Splitting Mirror.” Feng Qingtian’s words dumbfounded Gu Bailu.

The Heavenly Palace?

Was that paradise?

Exactly what was the Sky Splitting Mirror?

Looking into the distance, the old man said casually, “Whoever has the Sky Splitting Mirror can conquer the entire universe.”

So, the Sky Splitting Mirror wasn’t easy to obtain.

Too many people were fighting over the Sky Splitting Mirror. Until today, no one had yet been able to gather all of it.