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Gu Bailu looked up ahead, only to see a skinny, white-haired man sitting on a rock next to the ocean.

Hearing the call, he turned around. “Why are you here?”

He didn’t seem happy about Miyasi’s visit.

When he saw Gu Bailu and the others, he pulled a long face. “Who allowed you to bring other people here?”

“Master, I’m in some trouble that only you can help with.” Miyasi knelt before him respectfully.

Gu Bailu approached him and meant to greet him, but she was stunned. “Master!”

She looked at the old man in disbelief. He must’ve worn those ragged clothes for decades.

His white hair was messy, and there were many scars on his body.

It was different from her master, who had always been clean and organized.

However, she would never forget the face.

Although it had more wrinkles, she was certain that it was her master.

No wonder he knew the array and taught Miyasi those runes.

So, it was her master.

Gu Bailu fell to her knees, her tears spilling over. “Master…”

Feng Qingtian pulled her up. “Gu Bailu, what did you call him?”

Why did she call Miyasi’s master, master?

Did she really want to marry this Miyasi?

“He’s my master.” Gu Bailu was sobbing. Feng Qingtian loosened his grip.

She was crying already?

He hadn’t even used much strength.

“Don’t call him master.” Feng Qingtian was upset.

The old man looked even more awful. “Take them away, Miyasi, and don’t come again.”

“Master, this is my partner. I brought her here to see you.” Miyasi wasn’t saddened by what the old man said.

“Your partner?” The old man looked at Gu Bailu. “You found yourself a human? She’s not very strong, though.”

“She’s good at medicine and she has a kind heart.”

The old man finally looked better. It would be appropriate for her to call him master if she was Miyasi’s partner.

“She belongs with me. Remember that, Miyasi.”

Gu Bailu shook Feng Qingtian off and hugged the old man in excitement. “Master, you don’t recognize me? I’m Lulu. Master… I know that the Gu family wronged you, but please don’t ignore me.”

The biggest hope she had in this world was her master.

He had left the Gu family earlier on and avoided the disaster.

Her master was her hope for survival and revenge.

The old man looked at Miyasi in surprise. “Is there something wrong with her head?”

Miyasi chuckled. “She’s probably too excited to meet you.”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Old man, are you sure you don’t know her?”

Gu Bailu appeared to be quite familiar with him.

The old man looked at him and frowned. “Who’s this?”

“He’s her current partner,” Miyasi confessed dutifully. “He’s suffering from a weird curse. Only if you help him lift it will he give his partner to me.”

The old man sniffed. “Did I teach you to steal somebody else’s wife?”

Gu Bailu hurried to shake her head. “No, I’m not his wife. There’s nothing between us.”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “We slept together three times. You’re mine.”

“Master, listen to me. There really is nothing between us. It happened because I was poisoned. Master, I’m Lulu. You taught me the teleportation rune.”

Gu Bailu took out the teleportation runes she had drawn and gave them to the old man, hoping that he would recognize her.