Gu Bailu was in no mood to care about Feng Qingtian’s condition. She checked the boat with Miyasi.

She hoped that Ah Luo could hold on until she returned.

After this battle with nature today, she realized how weak she was.

She was nothing compared with Feng Qingtian, too.

To be stronger, she had to activate the Heavenly Eye.

Her studies at Cloud Mirror Academy weren’t important anymore. What mattered was opening the Heavenly Eye.

Once she was strong enough, she wouldn’t need to care who the enemy was, like Feng Qingtian.

After they were gone, Feng Qingtian still stood there.

He slowly raised his hands. They were still shaking, and his heart hadn’t calmed down yet.

He had panicked when Gu Bailu disappeared, as if his life had lost meaning.

He didn’t understand the source of this panic.

He couldn’t imagine what he would be like if Gu Bailu didn’t exist anymore.

He only knew that she couldn’t die, and had to stay by his side.

Perhaps, he should figure out exactly who Gu Bailu was instead of fixing his physical problem.

Even the Spiritual Mirror Lake couldn’t reflect her past life.

Who was she?

Gu Bailu didn’t know when the storm passed, because she fell asleep from exhaustion at midnight.

When she woke up, seagulls were flying in the blue sky and warm sunlight.

Gu Bailu lifted herself up, her body feeling sore all over.

Her body protested – it had been a long time since she felt so tired.

She left the room and saw Feng Qingtian reading a book next to a window. The sunlight made his face even prettier.

“Miss Gu, you’re up. Do you want anything to eat? I grilled lobsters.”

Gu Bailu turned around. It was another handsome man.

Miyasi stood at the door against the sunlight. The gold halo around him made him even more charming.

“Miyasi, good morning. I never thought that you could look so pretty.” Gu Bailu circled him.

She found it hard to believe that the bull demon offered to her was actually such a handsome man.

Miyasi smiled in delight. “I’m glad that you like it.”

Feng Qingtian put down his book and glared at Miyasi. If looks could kill, Miyasi would’ve been cut into pieces.

Miyasi looked at Feng Qingtian. “It was Prince Zi who caught those lobsters.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu sniffed and left the cabin.

Feng Qingtian kicked the table before him. She had smiled so delightedly at Miyasi, but turned a blind eye to him.

Who was the one who saved her?

What an ungrateful woman.

Two days passed quietly on the boat.

Miyasi cooked food with ingredients from the ocean and looked after her well.

Feng Qingtian, although unfriendly, didn’t boss him around anymore.

It was probably because he knew that Miyasi could help solve his problem, so he didn’t dare do anything.

In the evening two days later, their boat finally docked on an island of rocks.

The island was actually just a pile of those rocks.

No wonder nobody knew of Futu Island. It wasn’t an island at all.