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“Are you stalling again?” Feng Qingtian didn’t believe that Gu Bailu was capable of curing what countless famous doctors couldn’t.

Gu Bailu frowned. “It seems that you won’t know how good I am until I give you a demonstration.”

She pointed at Feng Qingtian’s forehead and closed her eyes. The pictures she saw in her head made her open her eyes in surprise.

“No wonder you dislike women.” Everyone hated something for a reason.

“What are you making up this time?” Feng Qingtian thought that she was playing another trick.

She had gotten away from him before. That wasn’t something just anyone could do.

She had also taken Feng Xuanchen down without spiritual power yesterday. Although he hadn’t been giving it his best, the girl’s agility certainly wasn’t to be underestimated.

1“You encountered the first obstacle in your life at 15. You’ve hated women since then.” Gu Bailu stared at him. Feng Qingtian would never trust her if she didn’t say it.

No soul captivator would dare fight ghosts if they didn’t have any extraordinary skills.

They might not know everything, but measuring fate was a basic of their trade.

“What are you talking about?” Feng Qingtian grew cold like an unsheathed blade in winter.

Gu Bailu grinned. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t mean to pry into your privacy, but I want to assure you that I can cure you.”

Feng Qingtian didn’t speak, and simply stared at her. Gu Bailu felt as if a snake would bite off her neck at any moment.

Gu Bailu sat upright and looked back at him. How could she be scared of a person when she wasn’t scared of ghosts?

“How are you going to cure me?” A long time later, Feng Qingtian opened his mouth.

He did hate women, and he wasn’t interested in marriage. However, his training had reached a critical point that had to be overcome through sex.

6Without dual cultivation, his spiritual power would be stuck at a particular level forever.

4“Your problem is rather complicated. It’s not just about yourself. Given your trauma, somebody must’ve done something to you. A further examination is required.”

“How long will it take?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll try to make you better in one month.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“I’m the substitute here. Where can I possibly run off to in one month?”

Feng Qingtian’s eyes were hooded. “In that case, should I ask for a deposit first?”

“What deposit?”

“That night, I ran out of spiritual power and didn’t feel anything…”

1Gu Bailu kicked him. “Just drop it. It was an accident. If you hadn’t shown up, I might have looked for a beast.”

Feng Qingtian grabbed her ankle and looked at her. “Didn’t you say that you’re devoted to me after I saved your life?”

“That was just a joke. Let go of me!”

“Nothing is a joke for me.” Feng Qingtian suddenly grew cold and pulled Gu Bailu into his arms, pressing her down.

“Feng Qingtian, if you dare touch me, I guarantee that you’ll suffer misogyny forever. Someone else will soon surpass you in spiritual power if you can’t dual cultivate. Don’t ruin the rest of your life just for momentary pleasure.”